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Ball Valves & Boiler Drains

Ball Valves & Boiler Drains High Quality Valves for Less Full port forged brass ball valves Chrome plated brass ball Teflon seats 1/2" - 2" 150 PSIG for saturated steam 600 WOG 2-1/2" - 4" 100 PSIG for saturated steam 400 WOG... Read more

Webstone Valves

Webstone Valves High Quality Valves, Flanges, and Drains Pro-Pal Series valves reduce leak paths and save space & labor Primary/Secondary loop forged brass purge tees Purge & fill valves allow simultaneous draining, flushing and refilling of a hydronic system Full port forged brass ball valves with or without Hi-Flow Hose Drains Flanges with or without Hi-Flow Hose Drains Brass boiler drains... Read more

RHT Pro-Press & Push-Fit Valves

RHT Pro-Press and Push-Fit Valves High Quality Pump Flanges and Lead Free Ball Valves Push-Fit Ball Valve compatible with PEX, Copper, and CPVC Press Ball Valves with or without Hose Drain Press Pump Flanges Press x MIP Ball Valves with Butterfly Handle... Read more


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