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Peter Mangone RB Clip Gun System

Peter Mangone RB Clip Gun Systems Quickly & Easily Affix PEX Tubing to Plywood Whether attaching pipe for residential water systems, or tubing for radiant heating in a staple-up or staple-down system, installations with RB Clips are fast and secure. The clips fit perfectly so they can't cut into or damage the tubing in any way. Flush mount clips hold the tubing against the surface and have a low profile. Stand-off clips position the tubing away from the surface. Easy to load manual or pneumatic clip guns Choice of Stand-off or Flush clips Clips available for pipe sizes 3/8", 1/2",... Read more

RHT PEX Tubing Cutter for Quick & Clean Cuts

RHT PEX Cutter Quick and clean cuts for all types of polyethylene tubing... Read more

PEX Tubing Installation Tools

PEX Tubing Tools Everything you need to work with PEX PEX Crimping Tool for SDR9 compatible tubing PEX Pipe Cutter PEX Reaming Tool... Read more

EZ Route PEX Organizers

EZ Route PEX Organizers PEX Organizing Made Simple Ideal for in-floor radiant heating and domestic water supply applications where a stable and self supporting base is needed. Features & Benefits: Cleanly route PEX and PEX-AL-PEX Radiant Heat Supply/Return pairs kept in line ½" & ⅝" run in pairs per channel ¾" & 1" PEX run single per channel Cut to size from 6 or 12 channel and save the leftover for your next job Secures to the ground Perfect for concrete slab applications... Read more

RHT Foam Stapler and Staples

RHT Foam Stapler Attaches PEX Tubing to Foam Underlayment Upright walking stick (no bending over) Securely holds PEX Pipe to 1 or 2 inch foam RHT staples are also compatible with Roth Tool... Read more

Peter Mangone Reddi-Strip Stapler System

Peter Mangone Reddi-Strip® Stapler System PEX Tubing to Foam Underlayment A "stand-up" tool - no bending or sore knees. Easy to load, easy to use, and easy on the budget. Excellent holding power on both open cell and closed cell foamboard. When fastening 5/8" tubing, for example, the staples will be driven in approximately 1 1/4" to hold the PEX securely. No more loose staples or tape to strip off. Just load the flexible strips, position the stapler over the PEX, and fire away. Reddi Strip® Stapler is for use with Reddi Strip® Staples ONLY. Stapler is not compatible with... Read more

Sioux Chief Tube Talons & TouchDowns

Sioux Chief Tube Talons & Touch Downs Quickly and securely attach your PEX tubing. These clamps are particularly useful for attaching PEX pipe on top of or underneath a platform. Tube talons secure with a single nail (included). Touchdowns can be attached with a single screw, fit a variety of pipe sizes, and are reusable.... Read more

Sioux Chief Suspensulator Pipe Insulators

Sioux Chief Suspensulators CTS Isolators Designed to work in both 1-3/8" and 1-11/32" holes in wood or metal studs Side fins lock perfectly into I-joist knockout Split design allows for use after piping is run Durable, UV resistant, high-density polyethylene is 100% corrosion proof and reduces noise due to expansion and contraction in hot water lines Compatible with copper, PEX or CPVC... Read more

RHT 90 Degree Bends

PEX 90 Degree Bend Supports Pre-formed 90's are convenient for turning PEX Turn PEX in tight spaces Direct PEX out of concrete up to manifold area Guide PEX out of a wall system to a radiator... Read more

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps Proudly manufactured in the USA since 1966 Provide fast, simple and secure installation Eliminate metal to metal contact between fluid conductors and clamps Allow fluid conductors to be added or removed from installations without disturbing adjacent lines Permit various size lines to be mixed Size is tube outside diameter Cushion material is DuPont Hytrel rated from -65°F to 275°F Other sizes available-call for quote Click Here for a variety of strut mount clamps on our clearance page.... Read more

Unistrut Anchor Channel

Unistrut Anchor Channels The backbone of the strut system Unistrut Anchor Channel works with strut-mount clamps such as Hydra-Zorb and Klo-Shure to secure the various components of your radiant heating or domestic plumbing system. Unistrut Anchor Channel is versatile and installs quickly and easily. All channel is 1-5/8" wide by 1-5/8" deep. Available in various lengths.... Read more

RHT PEX Pipe Holders

RHT PEX Pipe Holders The easy way to attach PEX tubing to many surfaces Complete range of sizes from 1/2" to 1" Single Pipe Holders Double Pipe Holders Full Capture Pipe Holders All measurements are nominal PEX tubing size.... Read more

Klo-Shure Insulation Couplings - Strut Mounted

Klo-Shure Insulation Couplings Strut Mounted The Klo-Shure® Insulation Coupling reduces the time required to insulate copper tubing used for refrigerant lines, hot and cold water plumbing, and chilled water systems. The patented coupling allows sections of closed-cell, elastomeric insulation to be secured at suspension points. This eliminates having to double wrap, glue, and tape insulation at clevis hangers and strut mounted clamps. The Klo-Shure® Coupling can also be used to simply secure two lengths of insulation. Klo-Shure® Insulation Couplings are easy to install. They can be slit open to facilitate installation, and secured with the provided metal clip. They also... Read more


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