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Taco Zone Sentry Zone Valve

Taco Zone Sentry Zone Valves specifically designed for use in heating systems. The Taco Zone Sentry® is the most technologically advanced zone valve ever made. It's also simple to install and operate. The valve can be installed in any direction, in any orientation. The Taco Zone Sentry® Zone Valve enhances the overall performance of any zone valve system. The unique patented technology in the Zone Sentry® utilizes a microcircuit-based logic to control a gear-driven electronic actuator which drives a ball valve-based body design. All this adds up to a zone valve that leads the industry in energy efficiency, flow capacity... Read more

Taco 2-way & 3-way Heat Motor Zone Valves

Taco Motor Zone Valves 2-way & 3-way Heat Motor Zone Valves Taco Heat Motor Zone Valves provide a convenient way to create individual zones or equipment isolation in a hydronic heating system. Utilizing one pump along with multiple zone valves, flow can be started, stopped or diverted through the system to provide individual room or area comfort control and energy savings. The Gold Series is the industry standard for hydronic heating applications. The quiet and dependable operation has made this valve an industry leader for decades. The manual open lever and twist off head makes installation and service easy. Available... Read more

Taco i-Series Mixing Valve

Taco Mixing Valve i-Series Mixing Valve Taco iSeries Mixing Valves are a breakthrough in precision, cost effective temperature control for heating systems. The iSeries valves are available in two versions, providing either outdoor reset control or fixed water supply temperature by modulating the position of a 2-way, 3-way or a 4-way valve. Additionally, iSeries valves protect the boiler against flue gas condensation. A microprocessor-based control is built into the valve actuator, to which all wiring connections are made. All-in-one iSeries Mixing Valves deliver optimum zone-by-zone temperature control, with built-in boiler protection (you will need to order the optional boiler protection... Read more

Taco Shut-Off Freedom Swivel-Flanges

Taco Shut-Off Freedom Swivel-Flanges Make quick work of pump installation & maintenance Taco Shut-Off Swivel-Flange® sets combine a full-port ball valve and companion flange to isolate system circulators for easy removal and service without draining the system. Simplify your next 00® circulator installation while saving material and labor costs. Solid brass uni-body construction, available in ½" - 1½" NPT or Sweat connections. The Swivel-Flange allows easier installation and convenient positioning of the pump and lever handle. Features Easy 1/4 turn open/close operation Positive shut-off, leak-free design Swivel flange allows 360° rotation Solid brass construction Chrome/brass valve ball High-quality Teflon seats... Read more

Taco 5000 Series Mixing Valves

Taco 5000 Series Mixing Valves Fail-safe security with an extended temperature range The 5000 Series Mixing Valve is a dual purpose mixing or diverting valve. It is ASSE 1017 approved, providing shut-off reliability on either a hot or cold water supply failure. The high flow and low headloss characteristics make the 5000 Series ideal for domestic water, radiant applications, installations with large variations in flow rate and supply conditions, and installations requiring tightly controlled water temperature. The valves' unique design and advanced thermostatic element ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the extended 85°F-175°F range. The 5000 Series provides fail-safe... Read more

Taco Combination Boiler Feed & Backflow Preventer

Taco Pressure Reducing Valves Supply water to your heating system. The Taco 329 Series Pressure Reducing Valve supplies water to your heating system when the pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting of the valve.... Read more


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