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BlueRidge Company Custom In-Floor Radiant Heat Quotation:
Whether you are building a residence, warehouse, pole building, or aircraft hanger, Blueridge Company can provide you with a comprehensive quote for an in floor heating system. Our service will help both in understanding the overall scope and cost the of the radiant heat installation. With a proper PEX tubing layout, prefabricated pump panel, and boiler system, the install can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Please include the following information in your description:
  • Type and R value of insulation you will be using under concrete slabs
    • What zoning you have in mind as far as thermostats and rooms they control
      • If you have multiple methods of install in your project, e.g. a slab on the ground floor and a staple up on the upper floor
      • Additional Services:
        BlueRidge Company Prefabricated Heating Systems and Boiler Panels can be perfectly matched to the distribution system saving you time and money.

        If you have any trouble submitting your floor plans, please submit the form without plans, and email your plans to with your name and contact information.

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