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Myson Wall & Floor Fan Convectors

Myson Wall & Floor Fan Convectors Hydronic Wall Units Fan Convectors are designed to provide heat in a minimum of space using forced convection. Myson's efficient tangential fan design forces air uniformly across a low pressure drop heat exchanger, resulting in a high heat output from a very compact space. Myson Fan Convectors deliver excellent heat from a hot water coil or electric element. That's because the fan, blowing across the heating source, transfers 10 to 100 times more heat to the air than is possible from units that rely on radiation or natural convection. Myson Fan Convectors all have... Read more

Myson Whispa III Kickspace Fan Convectors

Myson Whispa III Kickspace Fan Convectors Engineered to be Efficient Myson's Whispa III is engineered to last longer, stay quieter and deliver a heat output you can rely on. The Whispa III is compact so it fits easily under a counter, window seat or stairs. Easily installed and serviced, no other product of its size matches the Whispa III for rapid heat-up, room-to-room comfort, safety or reliability, year after year. Whispa III 5000 delivers 3,589-5,443 BTU/hr, replacing up to 10.4 feet of baseboard Whispa III 7000 delivers 5,335-7,534 BTU/hr, replacing up to 14.4 feet of baseboard Whispa III 9000 delivers... Read more

Myson Wall Mounted Heat & Cool Units

Myson Wall Mounted Heat/Cool Lo-line, Hi-line and Slim-line Myson wall-mounted heat/cool units are the perfect choice for residential and commercial applications requiring both heating and cooling from a reliable and efficient unit. They offer substantial BTU output, instant-on warmth, efficient air circulation and quiet operation. The RC line comes in three stylish profiles delivering both versatility and convenience. Heating & cooling provided in one unit Remote control 3 fan speeds Multi-function digital control ETL Approval 3-year product warranty 10-year heat exchanger warranty Electronic parts are not returnable. Please check to make sure you have chosen the correct part.... Read more


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