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Greentek Home Ventilation Systems

Greentek Home Ventilation SystemsHeat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators Bring fresh air into your home or office and reduce the spread of virus Heat or energy recovery has become essential today, given constantly rising costs and public awareness of our non-renewable resources. Heat or energy recovery systems have been designed to recover the heat or energy contained in exhaust air. Thanks to a balanced air-flow exchange system, the heat or energy from contaminated exhaust air passes through the recovery core, and fresh air enters through other cells absorbing that heat or energy without mixing with the exhaust air. So you... Read more

UltimateAir RecoupAerator & Accessories

UltimateAir RecoupAerator No longer available, please see Greentek HRVs and ERVs for air to air heat exchangers that are available to ship immediatelyModel Greentek PH 10.22 ES2 (SP) HRV is a comparable replacement for the UltimateAir unit... Read more


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