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Grundfos UP-ZV Zone Valves

Grundfos UP-ZV Motorized Zone Valves For hydronic heating or chilled water applications Grundfos UP Zone Valves incorporate 24-VAC normally closed motorized actuator design with or without sealed end switch. All components are corrosion resistant. The high gear ratio transmission eliminates gear tooth stress, water hammer issues, and valve "bouncing" during closing. Forged brass body is 2-way flow with high CV rating and incorporates a durable stainless steel/EPDM valve stem assembly. Features: In-line removable actuator for ease of installation and service Manual open/close lever Sealed end switch Silent close-off technology High gear ratio Forged brass body Removable service cap High Cv... Read more

Grundfos Dielectric Isolation Valve Sets

Grundfos Dielectric Isolation Valve Sets Eliminate dissimilar metal corrosion Quick installation Full port shut-off ball valve Service pump without draining system Swivel flange allows optimum pump mounting position All hardware included... Read more


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