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AET Thermo-Miser Drainback Reservoirs

AET Thermo-Miser™ Drainback Reservoirs The AET Thermo-Miser™ drainback reservoir is intended to serve as a storage vessel for solar heat transfer fluid when the system is not in operation. The Thermo-Miser™ drainback reservoir may be installed as part of a new solar water heating system or as part of a retrofit to an existing water heater. FEATURES - ALL MODELS: Type 304 stainless steel construction ¾" NPT connections (solar loop) Maximum operating temperature: 250°F Maximum operating pressure: 45 psi Rigid polyurethane foam insulation ABS plastic outer shell and vacuum molded caps ½" O.D. polycarbonate sight glass 30 psi pressure relief... Read more

ECO King Water Storage Tanks

ECO King Water Storage Tanks Dual Coil Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks European quality and superior performance at a great price. The Stainless Steel Eco-King Indirect Water Tank is one of the best tanks on the market. We offer a limited lifetime warranty with all of our tanks! The tank contains a 316L Stainless Steel shell and internal Heat Exchanger. There is a front inspection hatch on our "Green Series" tanks for easy inspection. The large diameter inner coil combined with it's length ensures high domestic hot water production. We also provide a dedicated re-circulation tapping line to save initial... Read more

B&G Ecocirc Solar Circulators

B&G Ecocirc Solar Circulators The ecocirc solar pump can be used for most circulation pump applications without connection to the power grid. Instead, the solar pump can be directly connected to the photovoltaic panel. This pump is perfect for single family home thermal solar systems or any circulation pump application where conventional power is not available. Features: Runs on DC power for direct connection to photovoltaic panels Low energy consumption: Start-up power requires less than 1 watt Adjustable voltage settings or "Auto" mode for easy use Equipped with an integrated over-temperature safety device Built in optimization (MPP) program to track... Read more

Taco Variable Speed Solar Control 00 Circulators

Taco Variable Speed Solar Control Circulators Maximize the efficiency of your solar hot water system The Taco Variable Speed Solar Control Circulators combine the advanced features of our external speed and solar controls with the reliability and convenience of our 00® Cartridge Circulators. All the wiring for power and sensors is done directly to the circulator while the LED status panel makes it easy to check functionality. Dip switch based user configurable settings makes for a fast set-up, no matter the solar application. The circulator continually adjusts its speed, maximizing the output of the collector, increasing the usable higher temperature... Read more

SunEarth Differential Controller

SunEarth SETR 0301U Differential Controller The SETR0301U controller is for 120VAC applications with a maximum pump power output of 0.5 HP. The controller comes with a grounded power cord that is 7' in length, a grounded power output receptacle, and two sensors (1 stainless probe with a 5' cord, 1 copper-coated lug with 11" leads). The third optional sensor is sold separately.... Read more

Miljoco Gauges

Miljoco Gauges Temperature and Pressure Gauges Miljoco Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes cost-effective temperature and pressure instruments of superb quality to a diverse marketplace. Miljoco serves its customers by maintaining appropriate growth and profitability while operating in a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible manner. This philosophy, along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, has placed Miljoco thermometers and gauges in restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets and high rises across the United States and around the world.... Read more


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