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JW-Press Copper Fittings

JW-Press Copper Fittings Complete range of copper press fittings Saves time & money - quick, heat-free process doesn't require flux, solder, gas or flushing of system to remove contaminants. Suitable for potable water and hydronic heating systems (w/glycol or without). 1/2" to 2" fittings feature an EPDM O-Ring with a circumferential leak track which creates multiple leak points if the fitting is not properly secured to easily identify unpressed fittings. 2-1/2" to 4" fittings feature a patented bi-directional grip ring which provides increased holding power. Uses same tools and jaws as other press fittings. 50 year warranty against defects in... Read more

Leak Lock Joint Sealing Compound

Leak Lock Joint Sealing Compound Leak Lock is a state-of-the-art, resin-based, high strength, brushable paste pipe joint sealant consisting of chemically resistant film formers, plasticers, reinforcing fillers and solvents. Remains permanently flexible, adheres to internal surfaces and fills voids. Suitable for all metal or plastic materials. Ideal for joining dissimilar metals and materials. Prevents loosening of plugs and fittings even in applications subject to extreme vibration. Effective in temperatures from -200F (-93C) to 400F (204C). Withstands full vacuums and pressures to 10,000 PSI. Perfect for threaded joints, flanged joints, gasket surfaces and all mating surfaces where a fluid-tight seal is... Read more


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