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SpacePak Solstice Air-Water Heat Pumps

SpacePak Solstice Air-Water Heat Pumps High Efficiency Electric Hydronic HeatFeatures: Up to 30%-50% lower installation cost when compared against Geothermal systems. Little-to-no outdoor excavation needed. Low Amp Requirements Keeps refrigerant outside the home and utilizes a condenser coil that is 30% larger than standard units, improving efficiency. Allows custom control not obtainable by most traditional refrigerant-based systems. Utilizes adjustable water flow, water temperature, and airflow settings, giving you complete control of the system and each temperature zone. Features an intelligent factory-configured control platform, with a self-diagnostic microprocessor that keeps your system running seamlessly. Documents: SpacePak Solstice Heat Pumps Brochure.pdf | SpacePak Solstice... Read more

SpacePak Small Duct Central Air Heating-Cooling

SpacePak Small Duct Central Air Heating & Cooling Super Efficient Forced Air Heating & CoolingFeatures: High Efficiency EC Motor/Blower Technology Easy Field Adjustable Motor Staging 230V Standard Configuration Optional 115V Conversion Heat Pump Compatible Integrated Control Board 6-Row Copper/Aluminum Coil Sweat-Type Connections Insulated Grey Cabinet Float Switch Condensate Trap Mold Resistant Primary Drain Pan Anti-Vibration Foam Strips Mode Specific Adjustable Speed Control Documents: SpacePak Small Duct Brochure.pdf | SpacePak Small Duct Submittal Data.pdf Works well in conjunction with a SpacePak Solstice Inverter Heat Pump and RHT Prefabricated Dominator Pump Distribution Panel Free Freight to a commercial dock in the Contiguous US for... Read more

Stiebel Eltron WPL Air To Water Heat Pumps

Stiebel Eltron WPL Air to Water Heat PumpsComprehensive air-to-water cold climate heat pump solution The WPL 15 A2W Premium and WPL 25 A2W Premium cold climate air-source heat pumps use outdoor air to produce hot water for central heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. The compact monobloc design uses output-dependent control and efficient inverter technology, ideally matching heating and cooling output through the variable speed compressor. Improved room climate during summer is accomplished with active cooling using circuit reversal. Flow temperatures of up to 149°F/65°C are achieved even at low outside air temperatures due to a combined enhanced vapor... Read more

Taco System M Air to Water Heat Pump

Taco System MThe ideal solution for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their indoor comfort System M is a radically innovative air-to-water heat pump system that provides comfortable, efficient heating, cooling, and plenty of domestic hot water to homeowners without the use of fossil fuels — so it doesn’t create CO₂ . This complete, packaged system is simple to install, simple to operate, and a simply unique solution for low-carbon heating and cooling. Simply put, System M is a Milestone. System M also enables the addition of even more comfortable heating and cooling options, like radiant... Read more

Arctic Heat Pumps

Arctic Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Accessories: Cold Climate Heat Pumps Arctic Heat Pumps can control your entire home heating and cooling needs from domestic hot water, space heating/cooling using DC inverter fan coils, hydronic heating loops, and can also integrate to any pool or hot tub to provide full heat with our titanium heat exchangers. Features: The Out Door Unit (ODR) contains everything you need in one case (monobolic). This results in no need to hire a refrigeration mechanic. All you will require is an electrical connection with an outdoor rated disconnect (weather proof). System requirement 240 VAC connection... Read more

Arctic Pool & Spa Air to Water Heat Pumps

Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps: Chilling and Heating in One Unit Residential pools are not all the same. In colder climates, they require heating. However, in moderate and warm climates, cooling can be a necessity. All Arctic Pool Heat Pump models having heating and cooling. The result? Higher versatility and functionality. The heat pumps come in three size: 35,900 BTU, 64,500 BTU and 86,000 BTU With a COP of up to 6.4. Arctic units are the only pool heat pumps in North America that have been designed to work in cold weather. Features such as hot gas defrost and... Read more


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