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UltimateAir RecoupAerator

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Air to Air Heat Exchanger

The benefits of the RecoupAerator, an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) are:

  • Delivers a continuous flow of clean, fresh, healthy air.
  • Saves energy by recovering 96% of heat energy.
  • Reduces cold air drafts.
  • Maintains consistent humidity settings.
  • Exhausts pollutants out to improve Indoor Air Quality.
  • Reduces wear and tear on HVAC system.
  • Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain.
The RecoupAerator® is the ONLY air filtration/ventilation system with each of the following features:
  • Self-balancing - Air flow between the fresh air intake and stale air exhaust are automatically balanced.
  • EconoCool™ - Brings in cool filtered air in the summer so A/C unit runs less often.
  • Brushless Motor Technology - Performs quietly and efficiently.
  • MERV 12 Filtration - Filters particles as small as 1.8 microns.
  • Filter Alert - Automatically signals you when it's time for filter service.
  • Adjustable Fan Speed - Range of air flow to perfectly match fresh air requirements (30-200CFM).

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RecoupAerator® Whole House Energy Recovery Ventilator

Part No: 200 DX UL

↓   Accessories   ↓

Aluminum Prefilter Set (200 DX)

Part No: 7013

Internal Filter (set for one unit)

Part No: Internal Filter Pies

CO2 Occupancy Sensor
UltimateAir_C02 Sensor.pdf

Part No: 9036

Dehumidistat (shower application)

Part No: 9022

Watt Stopper Boost Timer (bathroom boost)
UltimateAire_Wattstopper Timer.pdf

Part No: 9089

Ceiling Mounting Kit
Ceiling_Mounting Kit 102105.pdf

Part No: Ceiling Kit

Wall Termination Kit - 8"

Part No: 8WallKit

Wall Termination Kit - 6"

Part No: 6WallKit

Pressure Control Option
UltimateAir_Pressure Control.pdf

Part No: PressGuard

WarmFlo High Efficiency Defrost 1kw
UltimateAir_WarmFlo Duct Heater.pdf

Part No: WarmFlo

12" Water to Air Coil Module
UltimateAir_Water-to-Air Coil.pdf

Part No: 12Water to Air Coil


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