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RHT Hydraulic Separators

Hydraulic Separators Primary/Secondary Piping Simplified RHT Stainless Steel Hydraulic Separators are compact economical units that allow fast and efficient installation of primary/secondary piping for many different boilers. Installing this unique Hydraulic Separator offers the additional advantages of assisting in the removal of unwanted air and dirt particles, preventing their damaging effects on system components. Especially suitable for today's smaller boilers that tend to have a much higher flow resistance. Features Space-saving design Suitable for use with oxygenated water heating systems Blow down port for sediment removal High-quality, industry-standard automatic air vent 304 Stainless Steel body 1¼" Male NPT connections 21... Read more

RHT Hydronic Fill & Purge System

RHT Hydronic Fill & Purge System Affordable fluid management for radiant heating systems The RHT Hydronic Fill and Purge System meets a relatively high head pressure and flow rate (as shown in the figure below) for filling and purging air from hydronic systems. With the removeable 4" fill port fluids can be mixed in the 7 gallon container and pumped directly into a hydronic system. Return fluid can be directed back into the 7 gallon tank minimizing waste when using a glycol mix during the air purging process. See page 2 for purging diagram. 7 gallon polyethylene tank with gallon... Read more

Laars Mini Therm Boilers

Laars Mini Therm Boilers Category I natural draft boiler Natural Gas or Liquid Propane FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 to nearest commercial dock*on boilers only, not accessories The MiniTherm residential boilers are Category I (non-positive vent pressure, non-condensing), natural draft appliances. The heat exchanger combines the heat transfer efficiency of integral copper finned tubes with the mass of two cast-iron wet walls surrounding the combustion chamber. The units are available in a range of sizes to suit almost every residential and light commercial heating load while providing operational efficiencies of up to 84.5% AFUE. Standing or electronic ignition Slide-out burner tray... Read more
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Webstone Relief Valves

Webstone Relief Valves Relief Valves for residential applications to protect domestic storage tanks, tankless water heaters, radiant or solar heating systems against excessive pressure and/or temperature. Bronze body construction with ¾" NPT male inlet and ¾" NPT female outlet connections and test lever.... Read more

Laars Mighty Therm 2 Boilers

Laars Mighty Therm 2 Boilers Optimal performance in residential and commercial applications FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 to nearest commercial dock The Mighty Therm 2 boilers and volume water heaters are available in several sizes and operate at an environmentally friendly 85% efficiency with low 10ppm NOx emissions. The compact modular design, simple and straightforward controls, top or rear venting options and the ability to be installed either indoors or outdoors are just a few of the features that make the Mighty Therm 2 Series easy to use, install & maintain. Features: ASME 160 psi working pressure heat exchanger ASME "H"... Read more

Laars Mascot LX Wall-Mounted Boilers

Laars Mascot LX Boilers All-in-One Answer to Your Home Heating and Hot Water Needs Natural Gas or Liquid Propane 95% AFUE & AHRI certified efficiency Energy Star® Most Efficient Rating Easy, zero-clearance installation with choice of top or bottom heating and gas connections Direct vent up to 150 feet Direct spark ignition for smooth reliable starts Quiet, variable-speed blower Outdoor reset technology to balance home heating needs with the outside temperature, minimizing boiler run time Fully modulating system smoothly adjusts how much gas is used based on exact heating needs in the house - no more turning full on and... Read more

Laars NeoTherm Modulating Condensing Boilers

Laars NeoTherm Modulating, Condensing Boilers Everything a modern boiler should be Natural Gas or Liquid Propane FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 to nearest commercial dock*on boilers only, not accessories NeoTherm is a direct vent, sealed combustion, condensing boiler boasting 95% efficiency that modulates with a 5 to 1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles and the convenient top connections (horizontal or vertical direct vent) make NeoTherm perfect for tight installations. Featuring an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger and NOx emissions lower than 10ppm, NeoTherm is easy to use and easy on the environment. Built standard with the new LAARS Integrated Control System,... Read more
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Electro Industries / Industrial Electric Boilers

Electro Industries / Industrial Electric Boilers... Read more

Leak Lock Joint Sealing Compound

Leak Lock Joint Sealing Compound Leak Lock is a state-of-the-art, resin-based, high strength, brushable paste pipe joint sealant consisting of chemically resistant film formers, plasticers, reinforcing fillers and solvents. Remains permanently flexible, adheres to internal surfaces and fills voids. Suitable for all metal or plastic materials. Ideal for joining dissimilar metals and materials. Prevents loosening of plugs and fittings even in applications subject to extreme vibration. Effective in temperatures from -200F (-93C) to 400F (204C). Withstands full vacuums and pressures to 10,000 PSI. Perfect for threaded joints, flanged joints, gasket surfaces and all mating surfaces where a fluid-tight seal is... Read more

Thermolec Modulating Electric Boilers

Thermolec  Electric Boiler Fully Modulating Boiler w/Outdoor Reset For Electric and Dual-Energy Installations Thermolec electric boilers offer the latest technology for radiant floor, baseboard and other hydronic heating applications. These modulating boilers are designed to be quickly and easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space and no venting. They offer a safe, reliable, low-maintenance operation and are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications. STANDARD FEATURES Mechanical: Heavy-duty, fully insulated heat generator (10 years warranty) Low-watt density Incoloy elements (10 years warranty) Easy access for installation and maintenance Approved for zero clearance to combustible materials Pressure relief valve... Read more

Laars Mascot Fire Tube (FT) Boilers

Laars Mascot Fire Tube (FT) Boilers Reliable & Innovative Design Natural Gas or Liquid Propane 95% AFUE certified efficiency Energy Star® Rated 5:1 Modulation Environmentally-friendly low NOx emissions Fire tube heat exchanger delivers quick heating response, exceptional efficiency and years of reliable service Half gallon integrated indirect tank ensures you always have hot water instantly available Vent up to 100 feet in PVC, CPVC or polypropylene Easy to use integrated control system Outdoor reset technology to balance home heating needs with the outside temperature Masct FT Wall Hung Documents:Brochure  |  Install Manual Combi  |  Install Manual Heat Only  |  Warranty  |  Quick Start Guide Mascot FT Floor Combi... Read more

Stainless Steel Flex Connectors

Stainless Steel Flex Boiler Connectors Quick and easy connection with full flow 1" I.D. flexible stainless steel residential/commercial full port corrugated boiler connectors are compliant to the following codes & standards: ASME A112.18.6 CSA B125.6 | NSF 61 Section 9 | UPC, IPC, IRC, IMC, Low Lead Certified... Read more

Watts Fill Valve and Backflow Preventer

Watts Fill Valve and Backflow Preventer Provide make-up water to the boiler, and prevent backflow Bronze Combination Fill Valve and Backflow Preventers are for use in commercial and residential hydronic heating systems to provide make-up water to the boiler and prevent backflow when supply pressure falls below system pressure. Part consists of a bronze Watts Model 9D backflow preventer and a high-capacity bronze Watts Model 1156F feed water pressure regulator in one pre-assembled unit.... Read more

WATTS Backflow Preventer

Watts Backflow Preventer Backflow/Pressure Reducer/Air Gap Watts Series 009 Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies are designed to protect potable water supplies in accordance with national plumbing codes and local water authority requirements. This series features two in-line, independent check valves, captured springs and replaceable check seats with an intermediate relief valve. Its compact modular design facilitates easy maintenance and assembly access. Backflow Preventer Kit 1/2" Watts backflow preventer 909 Airgap 1/2" brass nipple 1/2" Pressure Reducing Valve (required by code for most hydronic appliances) ORDER ONE OF EACH FOR FULL KIT... Read more

Watts Relief Valves

Watts Relief Valves Relief Valves for residential applications to protect domestic storage tanks, tankless water heaters, radiant or solar heating systems against excessive pressure and/or temperature. Bronze body construction with ¾" NPT male inlet and ¾" NPT female outlet connections and test lever.... Read more

Heat Transfer Paste

Heat Transfer Paste Temperature Range: -65°F to 400°F Flash Point: 500°F Dropping Point: Greater than 500°F Specific Gravity: 2.35... Read more

Boiler Buddy Buffer Tanks

Boiler Buddy Buffer Tanks Your boiler's best friend The Boiler Buddy is designed to be used in heating systems with low-mass boilers, geothermal, chilled water applications or low-mass radiation. Boilers operating at low loads will short cycle which leads to sooting, premature component failure, nuisance lockouts and inefficiency. The Boiler Buddy tank is a factory insulated and jacketed storage tank which adds mass to the system, thus providing the necessary buffer to prevent short cycling. Aquastat control well for precise temperature measurement. Air Eliminator built into top of tank provides optimal air elimination for the whole system. Boiler Buddy provides... Read more

B&G Primary-Secondary Header

B&G PSH Primary-Secondary Header The Bell & Gossett PSH is a device which makes the primary and secondary circuits connected to it independent and can be used in hot or chilled water systems. The PSH is supplied with an air-vent and check valve assembly to permit automatic discharge of the air in the circuits. The PSH is also equipped with a drain valve for removing any impurities deposited in the bottom of the unit.... Read more

Compact Glycol Feed System

J.L. Wingert Compact Glycol Feed System Affordable glycol management for radiant heating systems Polyethylene tank with gallon markings Polyethylene cover with integrated fill funnel 1.0 GPM pump with integrated pressure switch, suction check valve and discharge check valve Low level switch Stainless steel discharge pipe & fittings with brass 60 PSI pressure relief valve 4" vented manway... Read more

Glymatic Glycol Make-Up Package

Wessels Glymatic Glycol Make-up Package Wessels Glymatic system consists of a free-standing solutions reservoir that contains the glycol/water or water solution at atmospheric pressure. A pressurization assembly is mounted on the solutions reservoir's high density polymer cover, keeping the pressurization unit off the floor. The Glymatic automatic make-up package utilizes a pressurization station designed to draw fluid from a 6 or 15-gallon reservoir and automatically feed pressurized fluid at regulated pressures between 1 to 25 psi. This solution will remain stored at pressure until it is needed to replenish the system that has lost its glycol/water or water solution. Features:... Read more

Laars Mascot II Boiler Parts

Laars Mascot II Boiler Parts Parts and accessories for Laars Mascot II boilers Documents:Combi Boiler Submittal Data  |  Heat Only Submittal Data  |  Installation Manual Also Available: Prefabricated Primary/Secondary Loop With Pumps... Read more

Laars Pennant Commercial Boilers

Laars Pennant Commercial Boilers Easy to install, maintain & use Natural Gas or Liquid Propane The Pennant line of fan-assisted, modular boilers ranks among the industry's most versatile and environmentally friendly commercial systems for hydronic and hot water applications. Pennant boilers run reliably on natural or LP gas and deliver efficiency levels up to 85%. Pennant systems are also among the greenest in the industry with NOx emissions below 10 ppm. Unmatched performance for hydronic & domestic hot water Maintains combustion efficiency and low NOx levels at all stages of firing 2-stage, 3-stage & 4-stage firing Ambient temperatures from -40°F... Read more

Laars Endurance Boilers

Laars Endurance Boilers Fully Modulating Gas-Fired Hydronic and Combination Boiler/Water Heaters Natural Gas or Liquid Propane FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 to nearest commercial dock*on boilers only, not accessories Design certified and tested by International Approval Services (American & Canadian Gas Associations) Material specifications per Section IV, ASME code Maximum working pressure - water 30 PSI, ASME rated Hydrostatic test pressure at factory - 60 PSI Natural or propane gas Minimum gas supply pressure - 4" w.c. Maximum gas supply pressure - 13" w.c. 85+% AFUE Automatic burner modulation from 57% to full fire NOx levels less than 25 ppm Venting... Read more

Laars Mascot Boiler Parts

Laars Mascot Parts Venting and replacement parts for 1st generation Laars Mascot boilers. Additional Mascot boiler parts available through BlueRidge Company - call if you don't see what you need. Most listed items in stock for same-day shipping.... Read more

Miljoco Gauges

Miljoco Gauges Temperature and Pressure Gauges Miljoco Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes cost-effective temperature and pressure instruments of superb quality to a diverse marketplace. Miljoco serves its customers by maintaining appropriate growth and profitability while operating in a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible manner. This philosophy, along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, has placed Miljoco thermometers and gauges in restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets and high rises across the United States and around the world.... Read more

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