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Sun-Pure Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Sun-Pure Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Photo-Catalytic Air Purifiers. Three Powerful Technologies in One Air Purification System Electrostatic MERV-11 filter removes allergens electrostatically: So small that they can only be seen with a microscope - pollen, mold, fungal spores, dust mites, cockroach dust, tobacco smoke and bacteria are but a few examples. "Photo-Catalytic Oxidation" destroys toxic chemicals and eliminates household odors Activated carbon, zealot and potassium permanganate used by the best air purifiers can rapidly absorb large quantities of toxic fumes, however this media quickly becomes saturated and slowly releases pollutants back into the air stream. Photo-Catalytic Oxidation converts toxic compounds, even... Read more

ESP Air Filtration & Return Air Base

ESP Air Filtration Return Air Base, Accessories & Filters PDF Documents:ESP HiVelocity Air Purification.pdf | ESP HiVelocity Air Purification Installation.pdf Due to oversize shipping and fuel surcharges, shipping costs on your order may need to be adjusted after the order has been placed. Please call 866 361 4782 for shipping quote.... Read more

SummerAire Air Exchangers & HRVs

SummerAire Recovery Ventilators Our most popular air ventilation units Air Exchanger:SummerAire Air Changers offer a great way to ventilate a smaller home or an enclosed area such as a crawl space. It provides fresh outdoor air while exhausting stale indoor air. Fresh air is mixed, filtered, and tempered with indoor air prior to distribution. SummerAire Air Changers can be mounted in an attic or basement and requires no condensate drain.HRV: Does your home or place of business have visible moisture or poor indoor air quality? The solution is to provide a fresh air exchange - with stale air being exhausted... Read more

GeneralAire Humidifiers

GeneralAire Elite Series GeneralAire Elite Series & Elite Steam Series Humidifiers GeneralAire® Whole House Elite Series Humidifiers incorporate bypass & fan-powered humidification through a water-soaked Vapor Pad®. Six model selections available to accommodate your needs. "A" models include the GFX3 Automatic Humidistat; "M" models include our new MHX3 Manual Control Humidistat. Accommodates homes from 2,000 to 3,000 Sq. Ft. GeneralAire® Whole House Elite Steam Series Humidifiers are the most commonly used type of humidification. Utilizing electrode steam technology, the Elite Steam Humidifier is 90% efficient utilizing water to humidify your home. Choose from eight different model selections. Accommodates homes from... Read more

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