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SummerAire Air Exchangers & HRVs

SummerAire Recovery Ventilators Our most popular air ventilation units Air Exchanger:SummerAire Air Changers offer a great way to ventilate a smaller home or an enclosed area such as a crawl space. It provides fresh outdoor air while exhausting stale indoor air. Fresh air is mixed, filtered, and tempered with indoor air prior to distribution. SummerAire Air Changers can be mounted in an attic or basement and requires no condensate drain.HRV: Does your home or place of business have visible moisture or poor indoor air quality? The solution is to provide a fresh air exchange - with stale air being exhausted... Read more

UltimateAir RecoupAerator & Accessories

UltimateAir RecoupAerator Air to Air Heat Exchanger The benefits of the RecoupAerator, an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) are: Delivers a continuous flow of clean, fresh, healthy air. Saves energy by recovering 96% of heat energy. Reduces cold air drafts. Maintains consistent humidity settings. Exhausts pollutants out to improve Indoor Air Quality. Reduces wear and tear on HVAC system. Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain. The RecoupAerator® is the ONLY air filtration/ventilation system with each of the following features: Self-balancing - Air flow between the fresh air intake and stale air exhaust are automatically balanced. EconoCool™ - Brings in cool... Read more

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