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Greentek Home Ventilation Systems

Greentek Home Ventilation SystemsHeat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators You need fresh air, so does your home Heat or energy recovery has become essential today, given constantly rising costs and public awareness of our non-renewable resources. Heat or energy recovery systems have been designed to recover the heat or energy contained in exhaust air. Thanks to a balanced air-flow exchange system, the heat or energy from contaminated exhaust air passes through the recovery core, and fresh air enters through other cells absorbing that heat or energy without mixing with the exhaust air. So you benefit from healthy fresh air while... Read more

UltimateAir RecoupAerator & Accessories

UltimateAir RecoupAerator Air to Air Heat Exchanger The benefits of the RecoupAerator, an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) are: Delivers a continuous flow of clean, fresh, healthy air. Saves energy by recovering 96% of heat energy. Reduces cold air drafts. Maintains consistent humidity settings. Exhausts pollutants out to improve Indoor Air Quality. Reduces wear and tear on HVAC system. Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain. The RecoupAerator® is the ONLY air filtration/ventilation system with each of the following features: Self-balancing - Air flow between the fresh air intake and stale air exhaust are automatically balanced. EconoCool™ - Brings in cool... Read more

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