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Why is In-Floor Radiant Heating right for my project?

The benefits of installing a Hydronic In-Floor Radiant Heating System in your home

PEX Tube Sizing & Spacing

How to determine PEX tubing size and spacing for your project

RHT Floor Panel System

Technical and Installation information for the RHT Floor Panel System

In-Floor Radiant Heating in a Concrete Slab

Tips on installation of PEX tubing in a concrete slab

In-Floor Radiant Heating in Lightweight Concrete over a Suspended Subfloor

Tips on installation of PEX tubing stapled down on a subfloor with lightweight topping pour

RHT Prefabricated Boiler Panel

Recommended procedure for installation and start up of your RHT Prefabricated Boiler Panel

Carpet Over In-Floor Radiant Heating

Considerations associated with the installation of carpet over an in-floor heating system

Owner Install Photos

View install photos from our customers across the country with projects like yours.

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