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RHT Hydronic Fill & Purge System

RHT Hydronic Fill & Purge System Affordable fluid management for radiant heating systems The RHT Hydronic Fill and Purge System meets a relatively high head pressure and flow rate (as shown in the figure below) for filling and purging air from hydronic systems. With the removeable 4" fill port fluids can be mixed in the 7 gallon container and pumped directly into a hydronic system. Return fluid can be directed back into the 7 gallon tank minimizing waste when using a glycol mix during the air purging process. See page 2 for purging diagram. 7 gallon polyethylene tank with gallon... Read more

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol Non-toxic, biodegradable and virtually odorless ARTIC-GARD: 95/5 Inhibited Propylene Glycol Economical formulation of 95.5% propylene glycol, dipotassium phosphate and deionized water offers good heat transfer characteristics, freeze and corrosion protection and low volatility. Operating temperature range: -50°F to 250°F ALUMINUM SAFE: 98% propylene glycol with acid neutralizer, scale inhibitor and a chelate agent for high efficiency and triple protection against corrosion. Effective in heat exchangers, hydronic heating, solar systems and chilled water systems containing aluminum. Operating temperature range: -50°F to 250°F SOLAR-GARD: Blends 98% propylene glycol-based fluid with special inhibitors. Designed to increase heat transfer efficiency, protect ferrous... Read more

Compact Glycol Feed System

J.L. Wingert Compact Glycol Feed System Affordable glycol management for radiant heating systems Polyethylene tank with gallon markings Polyethylene cover with integrated fill funnel 1.0 GPM pump with integrated pressure switch, suction check valve and discharge check valve Low level switch Stainless steel discharge pipe & fittings with brass 60 PSI pressure relief valve 4" vented manway... Read more

Glymatic Glycol Make-Up Package

Wessels Glymatic Glycol Make-up Package Wessels Glymatic system consists of a free-standing solutions reservoir that contains the glycol/water or water solution at atmospheric pressure. A pressurization assembly is mounted on the solutions reservoir's high density polymer cover, keeping the pressurization unit off the floor. The Glymatic automatic make-up package utilizes a pressurization station designed to draw fluid from a 6 or 15-gallon reservoir and automatically feed pressurized fluid at regulated pressures between 1 to 25 psi. This solution will remain stored at pressure until it is needed to replenish the system that has lost its glycol/water or water solution. Features:... Read more

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