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PEX Tubing | RHT Pex B Tubing Oxygen-Barrier

RHT Pex B Tubing Oxygen-Barrier PEX tubing from RHT is your best choice for in-floor radiant heating. Our tubing is a crosslinked polyethylene PEX pipe (Pex-B) created with the silane cross-linking method (similar to Zurn Pex and Watts RadiantPEX). It fully meets today's strict ASTM F 876 and 877 standards for PEX radiant tubing. RHT Radiant PEX is produced with a strong Oxygen-Barrier and can be used with either ferrous or non ferrous systems. Coil lengths: 300ft, 500ft, 900ft, 1,000ft. Compatible with the following connection systems: Crimp Tool, Crimp Rings and Crimp Fittings Ratchet Clamp Tool, Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps,... Read more

PEX Tubing | RHT USA Oxygen-Barrier

RHT USA PEX Tubing Oxygen-Barrier RHT PEX Tubing is made in America using the most environmentally friendly method of PEX tubing production - electron beam processing in a "cold" cross-linking process (below the crystal melting temperature). This fully meets today's strict ASTM F 876, 877 and NSF 14/61 standards for PEX radiant tubing, and is also certified for use with potable water. RHT Radiant PEX is produced with a strong Oxygen-Barrier and can be used with either ferrous or non ferrous systems. Compatible with the following connection systems: Crimp Tool, Crimp Rings and Crimp Fittings. Ratchet Clamp Tool, Stainless Steel... Read more


RHT  PEX-AL-PEX Oxygen-Barrier Tubing ON SALE NOW 10% Discount at Checkout Enter Promo Code: AL10 Multi-Layer Pex Tubing with an Aluminum Core RHT PEX-AL-PEX is a multi-layered oxygen barrier tubing ideal for all radiant heating applications. The inside and outside layers are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cross-linked (PEX) which is smooth, toxin-free and hygienic. These layers are tightly bonded with adhesive to the middle layer of aluminum which is 100 percent gas/oxygen tight. The aluminum layer is longitudinally welded in an overlapping manner and all layers are extruded in one step. The pex and aluminum layers combine to create... Read more

PEX Tubing | MrPEX Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing

MrPEX Oxygen-Barrier PEX Tubing MrPEX® EVOH Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing is cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-A) manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 876. Tubing is flexible, kink-resistant and listed to ASTM F 876/877 (CSA B137.5) and ICC-PMG 1053 standards. MrPEX® Barrier PEX tubing is also certified by NSF and rated by the Hydrostatic Stress Board of PPI at: 160 psi at 73.4°F; 100 psi at 180°F; 80 psi at 200°F. Tubing sizes 3/8" through 3/4" have a thin coating of PE on top of the barrier in order to reduce noise when installed in joist applications and with aluminum heat transfer plates.... Read more

PEX Tubing | RHT Radiant Heat Whole House Packages

RHT Whole House Packages Buy a Package & Save Money! New construction? Remodeling? Do-It-Yourself? Radiant heating is the most energy efficient way to heat your home, and RHT Whole House Packages have everything you need to get started. Each package includes: RHT ½" PEX-B with O2 Barrier RHT manifold & adapters 90 degree polymer bends* PEX cutter Pressure test kit Click here for tips on determining tube size and spacing. 5% Discount built into price plus FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48.... Read more

Sioux Chief PEX Pipe Crimp Fittings & Ball Valves

Sioux Chief PEX Crimp Fittings & Pex Pipe Ball Valves Copper fittings are Type L Copper Copper fittings are guaranteed when Sioux Chief Crimp Ring is used Makes the transition from PEX to Copper Simple! Proudly made in the USA... Read more

Sioux Chief Ox Boxes

Sioux Chief Ox Box Outlet Box Solid installations: Durable ABS boxes with a strong steel box clip and bracket stand up to rough job site conditions. Other boxes are made of styrene and have weak plastic tabs that don't stand up to job site abuse. Mounting the Ox Box over the stud is the strongest and fastest installation method in the industry. The box clip tab bends in for a secure installation over metal studs. Separate Stud Bays: Mounting over the stud allows for the supply and drainage lines to be installed in separate stud bays. This reduces the number... Read more

SharkBite Connection System

SharkBite® Connections Push-Fit Fittings, Domestic and Radiant applications The SharkBite® connection system uses an advanced push-fit design that works in two stages. When the tube is inserted into the fitting it passes the first stage through a release collar and then through a stainless steel grab ring. The grab ring has teeth that open out and grip onto the tube. At the second stage the tube is pushed through an o-ring protector which aligns the tube. A specially formulated o-ring is then compressed between the wall of the fitting and the tube before the end of the tube reaches the... Read more

RHT Non-Potable PEX-AL Compression Fittings

PEX -AL Fittings Non-Potable Compression Fittings PEX Couplings (pex to pex) PEX to NPT PEX to Sweat PEX-AL-PEX, and PEX-AL-PEX Fittings are not for Domestic Water Potable use.... Read more

RHT Crimp Fittings for Non-Potable Pex Tubing

PEX Crimp Fittings Pex crimp fittings for non-potable radiant heating systems Pex to Pex Couplings Pex Crimp to NPT Pex Crimp to Sweat Not compatible with multi-layer (Pex-AL) Pex tubing Fittings on this page are not for domestic water potable use. For potable fittings see Sioux Chief or Shark Bite.... Read more

RHT Pressure Test Kits

RHT PEX Pressure Test Kit Test your PEX with air pressure Our RHT pressure test kits come in many different configurations. Each has an RHT pressure gauge and a ¾" MNPT x ½" SharkBite connector. Also included is a SharkBite PEX x end stop plug and straight PEX x PEX connectors. Once your PEX is in place, all lines can be connected together as one long loop with the gauge on one end and the end cap at the other end, allowing you to pressure-up your system for inspection.... Read more

RHT PEX Tubing Cutter for Quick & Clean Cuts

RHT PEX Cutter Quick and clean cuts for all types of polyethylene tubing... Read more

PEX Tubing Installation Tools

PEX Tubing Tools Everything you need to work with PEX PEX Crimping Tool for SDR9 compatible tubing PEX Pipe Cutter PEX Reaming Tool... Read more

RHT Wire Tying Tool & Ties For PEX Tubing

Wire Ties & Tool Wire Ties for attaching PEX tubing to rebar grid. The quickest and simplest method of attaching PEX tubing to your reinforcing grid prior to pouring the cement slab.... Read more

90 Degree Bends

PEX 90 Degree Bend Supports Pre-formed 90's are convenient for turning PEX Turn PEX in tight spaces Direct PEX out of concrete up to manifold area Guide PEX out of a wall system to a radiator... Read more

PEX-AL Reamer

RHT PEX-AL Reamer Tool Finishes the ends of PEX-AL tubing for clean and proper fit... Read more

PEX Uncoilers

PEX Uncoilers Turn a two man job into a one man job Keep PEX coil in one spot Prevent kinks and tangles These tools are available for rental or purchase. The unit price listed is the deposit on rental. See BlueRidge Company Rental Policy for details.... Read more

Peter Mangone RB Clip Gun System

Peter Mangone RB Clip Gun Systems Quickly & Easily Affix PEX Tubing to Plywood Whether attaching pipe for residential water systems, or tubing for radiant heating in a staple-up or staple-down system, installations with RB Clips are fast and secure. The clips fit perfectly so they can't cut into or damage the tubing in any way. Flush mount clips hold the tubing against the surface and have a low profile. Stand-off clips position the tubing away from the surface. Easy to load manual or pneumatic clip guns Choice of Stand-off or Flush clips Clips available for pipe sizes 3/8", 1/2",... Read more

RHT Foam Stapler and Staples

RHT Foam Stapler Attaches PEX Tubing to Foam Underlayment Upright walking stick (no bending over) Securely holds PEX Pipe to 1 or 2 inch foam RHT staples are also compatible with Roth Tool... Read more

Peter Mangone Reddi-Strip Stapler System

Peter Mangone Reddi-Strip® Stapler System PEX Tubing to Foam Underlayment A "stand-up" tool - no bending or sore knees. Easy to load, easy to use, and easy on the budget. Excellent holding power on both open cell and closed cell foamboard. When fastening 5/8" tubing, for example, the staples will be driven in approximately 1 1/4" to hold the PEX securely. No more loose staples or tape to strip off. Just load the flexible strips, position the stapler over the PEX, and fire away. Reddi Strip® Stapler is for use with Reddi Strip® Staples ONLY. Stapler is not compatible with... Read more

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