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Miljoco Gauges

Temperature and Pressure Gauges

Miljoco Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes cost-effective temperature and pressure instruments of superb quality to a diverse marketplace. Miljoco serves its customers by maintaining appropriate growth and profitability while operating in a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible manner. This philosophy, along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, has placed Miljoco thermometers and gauges in restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets and high rises across the United States and around the world.

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓ Triadicator ↓
PB300821-2-25 3" Temperature/Pressure Gauge 0-75 psi 1/4 NPT
PB300821-1-50-RHT RHT 3" Temperature/Pressure Gauge (Tridicator)1/2 NPT CBM, 50/320 F/C, 0-75 psi/KPA, 1" Stem $19.97
PB300821-2-50 3" Temperature/Pressure Gauge (Tridicator)1/2 NPT CBM, 50/320 F/C, 0-75 psi/KPA, 2" Stem
PB3008L07-2-50 3" Temperature/Pressure Gauge 0-200 psi 1/2 NPT
↓ Thermometer ↓
B259951-C Bimetal 2-1/2" Hot Water Thermometer 30°-250°F. Clamp-on w/flexible steel mounting spring.

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