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RHT Manifold Accessories

RHT Manifold Accessories Everything you need to get your manifold up and running. RHT 4-wire Thermostatic Circuit Actuators RHT Manifold PEX adapters for all sizes of PEX tubing Optional Flow Gauge adds on to RHT SS-HF Manifold Reducer bushings Ball Valves in straight (180°) or right angle (90°) Sub-Zoning with RHT Actuators and Tekmar Controls: RHT-Tekmar-Sub-zoning.pdf Sub-Zoning with RHT Actuators and Taco Controls: RHT_SubZoning_Diagram.pdf... Read more

RHT Manifold Pressure Test Kit

RHT Manifold Pressure Test Kit Test your Manifold and PEX with air pressure Our RHT manifold pressure test kits include the following: RHT pressure gauge ¾" x 3" iron nipple 1" x ¾" brass reducer bushing 1" iron plug. *RHT Manifolds should only be pressured to 50 psi. If you are required to test tubing to 100 psi, that should be done with our tubing pressure test kits.... Read more

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