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GeneralAire Elite Series

GeneralAire Elite Series & Elite Steam Series Humidifiers

GeneralAire® Whole House Elite Series Humidifiers incorporate bypass & fan-powered humidification through a water-soaked Vapor Pad®. Six model selections available to accommodate your needs. "A" models include the GFX3 Automatic Humidistat; "M" models include our new MHX3 Manual Control Humidistat. Accommodates homes from 2,000 to 3,000 Sq. Ft.

GeneralAire® Whole House Elite Steam Series Humidifiers are the most commonly used type of humidification. Utilizing electrode steam technology, the Elite Steam Humidifier is 90% efficient utilizing water to humidify your home. Choose from eight different model selections. Accommodates homes from 3,000 to 10,000 Sq. Ft.

  • The solution for eliminating dry air!
  • State of the art, on-demand humidity for your home.
  • GeneralAire Elite steam humidifiers deliver pure, sterile steam.
  • The most effective way to preserve your valuables,
    add comfort and leave you with a healthier home.
  • Properly humid air can increase the efficiency of your heating system.

PDF Documents:
Elite900 | Elite1000 | Elite Steam Series
900 Install Manual | 1000 Install Manual | Elite Steam Install

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↓   Elite Flow-Through Humidifiers   ↓

900A Automatic 17 GPD 6in Bypass Humidifier 24V

Part No: 5720

$212.62 each

900M Manual 17 GPD 6in Bypass Humidifier 24V

Part No: 5725

$161.59 each

1000A Automatic 18 GPD Bypass Humidifier 120V

Part No: 5730

$312.79 each

1000M Manual 18 GPD Bypass Humidifier 120V

Part No: 5735

$263.65 each
↓   Elite Steam Humidifiers   ↓

DS25 25gal 230V w/Drain Pump
Kit Selection Required (see below)

Part No: 5524

$612.06 each

DS25LC 25gal 230V w/Drain Pump & Low Conductivity Cylinder
Kit Selection Required (see below)

Part No: 5527

$612.06 each

DS15P 15gal 120V w/Drain Pump
Kit Selection Required (see below)

Part No: 5528

$612.06 each
↓   DS Model Kit Selection   ↓

RMB35 Remote Mount Blower Kit 240V for DS25 & DS25LC

Part No: 7540

$723.18 each

RMB15 Remote Mount Blower Kit 120V for DS15

Part No: 7545

$723.18 each

DMNKIT Duct Mount Kit for DS25, DS25LC & DS15

Part No: 7525

$279.82 each
↓   Elite Steam Replacement Parts   ↓

15-14 Replacement Steam Cylinder for DS15/RS15

Part No: 7523

$209.82 (2 x $104.91)

20-14 Replacement Steam Cylinder for DS20/RS20

Part No: 7508

$209.82 (2 x $104.91)

35-14 Replacement Steam Cylinder for DS35/RS35

Part No: 7524

$209.82 (2 x $104.91)

35-15 Low Conductivity Replacement Steam Cylinder for DS35LC

Part No: 7543

$209.82 (2 x $104.91)

HC-201 High Limit Humidistat

Part No: 7520

$167.93 each

GFX50 Modulating Humidistat 24V (Tstat option)

Part No: 7519

$204.25 each


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