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Johnson Controls A419 Electronic Temperature Control

Combines keypad programming with a liquid crystal display (LCD) to provide greater built-in control versatility. A large display screen lets users check between setpoint and temperature at a glance, and a bright LED also makes it easy to see relay status. Even with these convenient features, the A419 is the most compact electronic temperature control currently available. The A419 features a single-stage temperature control with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay, which makes it ideal for use with refrigeration and HVAC equipment, including frozen and refrigerated food cases, beverage coolers, and pump and boiler applications. It operates on 120 or 208/240 volts and its interchangeable sensor can be mounted up to 800 feet from the control unit. An adjustable anti-short cycle timer prevents controlled equipment from restarting immediately after shutdown.


  • Reliable Electronic Accuracy with a Liquid Crystal Display that clearly displays the current sensor temperature and other functions.
  • Versatile Set-point and Differential - Adjustments that allow user to quickly and easily configure the A419 to cut-in on temperature rise or drop in either the Cooling or Heating mode.
  • Easy Fingertip-Touch Programming that can be locked to deter unauthorized adjustments of the control.
  • Adjustable Temperature Offset that changes the set-point when activated by a user installed binary input, such as a switching time clock.
  • Light Emitting Diode that indicates output relay status.
  • Adjustable Anti-Short Cycle Delay that prevents the controlled equipment (e.g. Compressor) from cycling on for up to 12 minutes after the A419 has cycled it off.
  • Interchangeable Remote Sensor that may be mounted up to 800 ft (244m) from the A419.
  • Sensor Failure Indication that alerts user to problems with the sensor circuit and operates the controlled equipment either on or off according to user selected mode.
  • Compact, High Impact Plastic, NEMA 1 Enclosure with captive cover screws, suitable for direct surface mount or standard DIN rail mount.

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Documentation: Johnson_Cont A419.pdf

24 VAC Johnson temperature control with remote sensor

Part No: A419GBF-1C

$86.64 each

120 and 240 VAC Johnson temperature control with remote sensor

Part No: A421ABC-02C

$94.98 each


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