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Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps: Chilling and Heating in One Unit

Residential pools are not all the same. In colder climates, they require heating. However, in moderate and warm climates, cooling can be a necessity. All Arctic Pool Heat Pump models having heating and cooling. The result? Higher versatility and functionality. The heat pumps come in three size: 35,900 BTU, 64,500 BTU and 86,000 BTU With a COP of up to 6.4. Arctic units are the only pool heat pumps in North America that have been designed to work in cold weather. Features such as hot gas defrost and reversing valve ensure they can provide usable heat energy in temperatures as low as 20 F (-7 C). With temperature function set on automatic, the heat pump will maintain the ideal temperature by switching from heating to cooling mode as needed. Perfect for heating or cooling your pool or spa.


  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Higher Temperature Output
  • Low Ambient Temperature Operation down to -10 C/14F
  • High C.O.P.
  • 1.5" Connections
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty
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Arctic Heat Pump for Spas - 17000 BTU The only North American UL certified heat pump designed specifically for a hot tub or spa. 4.5 Kw of heating power can heat and cool a hot tub even in temperatures below 20 F. Comes complete with WI-Fi connection to manage your spa remotely. Cold weather inverter technology 20 F (-7C) Outdoor spa heat pump with titanium heat exchanger. Heats and Cools for Chiller Tub or Hot Tub. Save upto 75% versus regular spa heater. Hi Temp upto 109 'F

Part No: SPA50

$2377.36 each

Arctic SPA-025-ZED A 10 KW Spa Heat Pump. Rated for up to 10 Kw (36,000 BTU) of heating power. 220/1/60.

Part No: Arctic SPA-10

$2871.00 each

Arctic SPA-060-ZED A 25 KW Spa and Pool Heat Pump. Rated for up to 25 Kw (85,000 BTU) of heating power. 220/1/60.

Part No: Arctic SPA-25

$5348.44 each


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