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RHT Hydronic Fill & Purge System

Affordable fluid management for radiant heating systems

The RHT Hydronic Fill and Purge System meets a relatively high head pressure and flow rate (as shown in the figure below) for filling and purging air from hydronic systems. With the removeable 4" fill port fluids can be mixed in the 7 gallon container and pumped directly into a hydronic system. Return fluid can be directed back into the 7 gallon tank minimizing waste when using a glycol mix during the air purging process. See page 2 for purging diagram.

  • 7 gallon polyethylene tank with gallon markings
  • Fast fill makes it easy to purge a whole radiant heating system
  • Best priced fluid managment and purging system on the market
  • 5 GPM pump with integrated pressure switch, turns on below 15psi and off above 25psi
  • 4" vented manway
  • 1 year warranty on pump
  • includes 6' 110 plug on pump
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NOTE: The RHT Hydronic Fill and Purge System is not intended for use in line with or as feed to a backflow prevention and/or pressure reducing device. If used with such a device, the unit must be on a separate feed line into the system.

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RHT Glycol Fill Unit

Part No: RHT Glycol Pump

$395.68 each


Part No: 08500500A

$194.28 each


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