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Thermolec Acu-Steam Humidifiers

For the health & comfort of your home & family

The Thermolec Acu-Steam produces humidity from steam dispersed directly into the supply duct - unlike humidifiers which produce humidity by passing warm air through a moist pad. The compact & lightweight Acu-Steam is the most dependable and easiest to maintain steam humidifier available. Among Acu-Steam's features are self-cleaning elements enclosed in a quick release stainless steel tank which eliminates the need to buy costly replacement tanks or liners. Further, to remove scale and prevent blocked solenoid valves or pumps, the Acu-Steam periodically drains and refills itself.

For houses and condos without ductwork, Thermolec developed the Split Steam which is just as dependable and easy to maintain. The quiet electric fan is mounted in the wall leaving only the low profile faceplate exposed on the finished wall. Mounting of the steam generator section is done in a utility room/closet with access to a cold water line, electricity and drain.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy to install, operate & maintain.
  • Sterile steam humidification for superior indoor air quality & comfort.
  • Distributes humidity without a furnace heat call.
  • Tank reservoir & primary components made of stainless steel.
  • Built-in safety features - PD switch, overflow & high temperature cut-outs.
  • Self-cleaning, long-lasting incoloy elements.

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Acu-Steam Humidifier for up to 2,000 sq ft (4.8 lbs/hr, 13 gallons/day)

Part No: Acu-5

$1551.83 each

Acu-Steam Humidifier for up to 4,000 sq ft (9.6 lbs/hr, 28 gallons/day)

Part No: Acu-10

$1689.04 each

Acu-Steam Humidifier for up to 5,300 sq ft (12.8 lbs/hr, 37 gallons/day)

Part No: Acu-15

$1902.67 each

Split Steam Humidifier for ductless applications. Covers up to 2,000 sq ft (4.8 lbs/hr, 13 gallons/day)
Install_Manual Acusteam and Splitsteam Jan 2016 V1 USA final.pdf

Part No: Acu-5-SP

$2490.36 each

Split Steam Humidifier for ductless applications. Covers up to 3,000 sq ft (7.7 lbs/hr, 22.5 gallons/day)

Part No: ACU-8 SP

$2651.20 each
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Acu ST. RH digital wall stat Humidistat & Outdoor Sensor

Part No: 08-00-010

$206.75 each

Thermolec Humidifier: Low level water sensor

Part No: 08-01-013

$82.69 each

Thermolec Humidifier: High Water Level Sensor

Part No: 08-01-014

$61.49 each

ACU-10 Y Kit (Diffuser, 4' Hose, 6" Hose, 4 clamps & Y adapter)

Part No: 08-01-036

$321.82 each

ACU-5 Y Kit (Diffuser, 4' Hose, 6" Hose, 4 clamps & Y adapter)

Part No: 08-01-035

$378.64 each

ACU tank O-ring gasket

Part No: 08-01-038

$45.50 each

Digital Duct Humidistat with OUtdoor Sensor

Part No: 08-00-011

$180.34 each

AS E400/240V Board Kit

Part No: 08-02-010

$492.76 each

AS E400/120V Board Kit

Part No: 08-02-015

$410.58 each

Element 1.5 Kw

Part No: 08-01-006

$96.20 each

Rubber Valve Plug

Part No: 08-01-043

$5.39 each
$48.51 (10 x $4.85)

Fan sensor Board

Part No: 08-02-020

$100.58 each


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