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Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels

Fast. Easy. Saves labor. Just walk it in.

Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels dramatically reduce installation time and labor cost, and provide a built-in method of optimizing heat dispersion after installation. Panels are manufactured in the USA out of BASF Styropor and Neopor EPS to offer superior strength and insulating properties. Creatherm's innovative snap-together, pre-molded tubing channel system allows for simple, efficient installation while maintaining proper tube alignment. These channels eliminate hot spots™ and provide a more comfortable environment. Ideal for new or existing residential and commercial buildings, for melting snow & ice on driveways & walkways or for heating patios.


  • Saves installation time and labor cost - no need to tie, clip, staple or screw to substrate.
  • Snap-tight grid of pre-slotted channels for uniform tube placement and equal heat dispersion.
  • Eliminates on-site trip hazards.

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TSU45 Radiant Floor Panels | Creatherm Installation Guide

↓   6", 9" and 12" tube spacing   ↓

144 sq ft of R-5 floor panels (pkg of 18, 48"x24"x1.8" each) 1" nominal thickness

Part No: T45

$220.73 each

80 sq ft of R-10 floor panels (pkg of 10, 48"x24"x2.8" each) 2" nominal thickness

Part No: S45

$142.75 each

64 sq ft of R-11 floor panels (pkg of 8, 48"x24"x3.3" each) 2.5" nominal thickness

Part No: U45

$146.80 each


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