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Laars Mascot II Boiler Parts

Parts and accessories for Laars Mascot II boilers

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Also Available: Prefabricated Primary/Secondary Loop With Pumps

$200 minimum order of any Laars parts. No returns are accepted.

↓ Laars Mascot II Parts & Accessories ↓

Panel, front top, plastic & metal together

Part No: 12H3005

$88.29 each

Panel, top upper, plastic

Part No: 12H7001

$78.06 each

Panel, front middle, plastic

Part No: 12H7002

$81.80 each

Spark ignition wire

Part No: 12H7005

$35.00 each

Flame sensor wire

Part No: 12H7008

$35.00 each

Expansion Tank

Part No: A2117400

$94.45 each

Replacement Pump for Mascot II

Part No: A2117700

$158.76 each

Valve, 3-way with actuator (replaced with RA2117804)

Part No: A2117802

Valve, 3-way with actuator (REPLACES A2117802)

Part No: RA2117804

$267.75 each

Switch, Pressure, Air/Gas, Inlet

Part No: E2334900

$36.41 each

Switch, rocker, 120V, amber

Part No: E2335000

$36.46 each

Flow Switch

Part No: E2337400

$90.86 each


Part No: E2338600

$37.86 each

2 amp breaker

Part No: E2335100

$18.87 each

Transformer, 40VA, 115V/24V

Part No: R0021300

$38.25 each

Control, programmed - LMH (earlier version of R12H7061)
Clearance sale, only 2 available

Part No: R12H7055

$216.69 each

Control, programmed - LMC

Part No: R12H7060

$524.10 each

Control, programmed - LMC

Part No: R12H7058

$300.33 each

Control, programmed - LMH

Part No: R12H7061

$469.18 each

Burner with gasket & screws

Part No: R2069102

$399.57 each

Flame sensor with gasket

Part No: R2069200

$51.03 each

Ignitor with gasket

Part No: R2069300

$53.97 each

Gaskets, burner door

Part No: R2069400

$36.40 each

Repair Kit- Rear Refractory Tile

Part No: R50D2021

$54.13 each

Blower, combustion air

Part No: RA2107500

$462.84 each

Outdoor Reset Sensor

Part No: RE2310500

$55.01 each

Sensor, air temperature

Part No: RE2319700

$51.04 each

Sensor, water temperature, duplex

Part No: RE2319900

$48.54 each

Sensor, water temperature

Part No: RE2320600

$46.50 each

Display module, LMH

Part No: RE2333500

$89.63 each

Sensor, temperature, DHW, ¼" NPT, replaces part E2337500

Part No: RE2337501

$36.40 each

Tile Refractory Front

Part No: RT2109001

$68.28 each

Heat Exchanger, Plate, DHW

Part No: S2115900

$159.60 each
↓ Laars Mascot II Venting Parts ↓

Concentric Pipe 12" Length

Part No: CA007301

$42.66 each

Concentric Pipe 24" Length

Part No: CA007302

$48.00 each

Concentric Pipe 36" Length

Part No: CA007303

$56.25 each

Concentric 94° Elbow

Part No: CA007400

$49.50 each

Concentric Pipe Telescoping 18"-36" Length

Part No: CA007600

$126.75 each
↓   Heat Transfer Paste   ↓

Heat Transfer Paste, 1 oz., Temp range -65°F to 400°F, Flashpoint 500°F, Dropping point, 500°F, Specific gravity 2.35

Part No: HTPaste

$8.69 each
$40.25 (5 x $8.05)


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