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Air Handlers & Unit Heaters

Air Handler Features:

  • 20 Gauge Galvanized Construction with Sound Dampening
  • 4 Speed Direct Drive Blowers. (3 speeds on AH70)
  • Capacitor Run Motors with Sealed Bearings
  • 24 Volt Controls. All Motor Speeds Pre-wired
  • Painted Exterior (gray semi-gloss)

These units are designed for performance and reliability. PMP air handlers are an excellent choice for converting hot water heat to forced air. These units also perform well with forced air add-ons like Central Air Conditioning, Electronic Air Cleaners, Humidifiers etc. Units can be installed in a up-flow, down-flow or horizontal air flow position offering ultimate flexibility.

Air Handlers Include:
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Filter
  • Filter Rack
  • Low Voltage (24V) controls
Unit Heater Features:

Built for quality and performance, these new model unit heaters offer better performance, heavier gauge construction, and increased installation flexibility. All in a much nicer looking package. Most sizes are equipped with speed adjustable motors giving you the ability to fine tune the balances between performance and efficiency. These units are another excellent way to convert your hot water heat to forced air. They also work well in combination with hot water floor heat. This combination gives you the comfort of floor heat and the quick recovery of forced air all from the same heating system. All new model PMP unit heaters can be easily converted from a right hand water supply to a left hand water supply. Units are designed to be used with a 110 volt thermostat. Thermostat and speed control sold separately.

PMP Brochure | Air Handler Install | Unit Heater Install

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↓   Air Handlers   ↓

3 Speed Air Handler (65,958 BTU, 768 CFM)

Part No: AH70

$930.00 each

4 Speed Air Handler (90,014 BTU, 1158 CFM)

Part No: AH95

$972.00 each

4 Speed Air Handler (106,850 BTU, 1467 CFM)

Part No: AH115

$1083.40 each

4 Speed Air Handler (128,753 BTU, 1691 CFM)

Part No: AH135

$1100.00 each

4 Speed Air Handler (136,344 BTU, 1769 CFM)

Part No: AH150

$1195.00 each

4 Speed Air Handler (179,974 BTU, 2500 CFM)

Part No: AH195

$1249.00 each

4 Speed Air Handler (197,884 BTU, 2498 CFM)

Part No: AH220

$1278.62 each
↓   Unit Heaters   ↓

Unit Heater (55,506 BTU, 700 CFM)

Part No: UH60

$677.00 each

Unit Heater (87,243 BTU, 935 CFM)

Part No: UH95

$790.61 each

Unit Heater (135,066 BTU, 1770 CFM)

Part No: UH140

$934.26 each

Unit Heater (176,585 BTU, 2278 CFM)

Part No: UH190

$1162.12 each

Unit Heater (208,638 BTU, 2690 CFM)

Part No: UH225

$1221.80 each

Unit Heater (150,000 BTU, Imported)

Part No: AM-150

$531.85 each


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