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Sioux Chief Ox Box

Outlet Box

  • Solid installations: Durable ABS boxes with a strong steel box clip and bracket stand up to rough job site conditions. Other boxes are made of styrene and have weak plastic tabs that don't stand up to job site abuse. Mounting the Ox Box over the stud is the strongest and fastest installation method in the industry. The box clip tab bends in for a secure installation over metal studs.
  • Separate Stud Bays: Mounting over the stud allows for the supply and drainage lines to be installed in separate stud bays. This reduces the number of joints behind the wall which saves installation time and reduces the risk of leaks behind the wall. Other boxes are designed with the supply and drain lines too close to each other which leads to burned drain pipe and longer installation times.
  • Drain and Trap Together: With no supply lines to get in the way, both the drain and trap can be installed in the same stud bay. This eliminates the need to drill a hole in the stud which is time consuming, weakens the stud, and adds the cost of protection plates.
  • Multiple Installation Options: Separate supply and drain boxes enable the Ox Box to be mounted in numerous configurations, eliminating the need to source and stock a different box for each application. The Ox Box replaces all left drain, center drain, right drain, and dual drain boxes.
  • One Frame Size: The washing machine and ice maker boxes share the same size frame, so there will always be one frame in the warehouse, on the truck, and on the job. Ox Box frames are made from the same tough ABS material as the boxes, and the contemporary design appeals to today's demanding homeowner.

Documentation: OxBox_Brochure.pdf

↓   Washing Machine Outlet Box   ↓

1/2" PEX crimp Washing Machine Ox Box w/ ball valves & frames (No Lead)

Part No: 696-G2303XF

$27.71 each
$268.80 (10 x $26.88)
↓   Ice Maker Outlet Box   ↓

1/2" PEX crimp Ice Maker Ox Box w/ ball valves & frame (No Lead)

Part No: 696-G1000XF

$21.59 each
$181.25 (10 x $18.12)
↓   Lavatory/Kitchen Sink Outlet Box   ↓

1/2" PEX crimp Lavatory/Kitchen Sink Ox Box w/ ball valves & frame (No Lead)

Part No: 696-G2001XF

$27.24 each
$264.23 (10 x $26.42)

1/2" PEX crimp Lavatory/Kitchen Sink Ox Box w/ ball valves, mini-rester water hammer arrester & frame (No Lead)

Part No: 696-G2011XF

$45.49 each
$441.25 (10 x $44.12)
↓   Toilet/Dishwasher Outlet Box   ↓

1/2" PEX crimp Toilet/Dishwasher Ox Box w/ ball valves & frame (No Lead)

Part No: 696-G1001XF

$21.59 each
$199.80 (10 x $19.98)


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