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B&G AZ Snap-on Pump Relay

AZ quickly attaches to any B&G wet rotor circulator.

  • Snap-on design allows the AZ to be quickly attached to any B&G wet rotor circulator, reducing your inventory investment (no need to carry ″special″ circulators with factory mounted controllers)
  • Clearly marked terminals make for sure, fast wiring of the system
  • Compact design fits in tight locations and presents a clean professional appearance
  • 100% factory tested assures reliable operation
  • 5 year warranty − the best in the industry
  • Daisy-Chain the AZ relays to form up to three zones
  • Can be used on any B&G model NRF, NBF, SSF or 1/12 to 1/6 HP Series PL

  • The AZ-1X does not have a transfomer and needs to be used with the AZ-1A to form multiple zones. Up to two AZ-1X expansion modules can be daisychained to one AZ-1A to form a maximum of three zones.

Electronic parts are not returnable. Please check to make sure you have chosen the correct part.

Documentation: B_G AZ-1A.pdf

AZ-1A Pump Controller with transformer

Part No: 109423

$131.86 each
B&G Isolation Flanges

Can be used with most circulators, including NRF/NBF/SSF wet rotors (except NRF-45, NBF-45),

Series PL, Series 100, HV, PR, LR, Ecocirc and other manufacturers' pumps.

3/4" NPT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101221LF

$78.40 each

1" NPT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101222LF

$94.80 each

1-1/4" NPT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101223LF

$131.87 each

3/4" SWT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101226LF

$78.40 each

1" SWT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101227LF

$94.82 each

1-1/4" SWT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101228LF

$131.87 each

1-1/2" SWT x Flange (set of 2)

Part No: 101243LF

$163.94 each


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