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Taco Pumps 

X-Pump Block XPB-1

Open system vs. closed? Barrier vs non-barrier tubing? Boiler vs. water heater?
The debate ends here. The Taco X-Pump Block™ (XPB) delivers unmatched flexibility in a single unit. It is equally effective when used with open or closed systems, barrier or non-barrier tubing and where the system heat source is a boiler or water heater. The Taco X-Pump Block™ combines a variable speed mixing control, a heat source circulator, system circulator and heat exchanger in a single unit. This combination delivers complete system isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side. Just four pipe connections and your installation is complete.

  • All-in-one heat exchanger, dual-sided circulators and mixing control package
  • The brazed plate heat exchanger provides complete isolation, made of stainless steel, it's easily removable, w/double wall optional
  • Plug-in low voltage connections
  • Solid state microprocessor design
  • Greatly decreases installation time
  • Substantial space savings
  • Line cord included, hard wired option
  • Bronze casing for open or closed systems
  • Replaceable cartridge design
  • 2 Operation modes: Outdoor Reset and Setpoint with or without Delta T Limiting
  • Main system pump contact
  • 100% pump operation / control override switch
  • Automatic pump exercise
  • Adjustable reset ratio
  • Warm weather shutdown
  • Outdoor and 2 strap-on sensors included

Documentation: X-Pump-Block.pdf

Taco X-Pump Block


Part No: XPB-1

$2569.54 each
↓ One Zone Buildouts Featuring X-Pump Block ↓

RHT Prefabricated 1-zone X-Pump Block Panel
Comes with a TACO X-Pump Block and air separator, Watts backflow preventer, pressure relief valve and expansion tank, Miljoco triadicator, and all fittings & ball valves, securely mounted on an aluminum panel with strut and cushion clamps.

Part No: 1ZwXPB

$4336.30 each


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