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Watts Backflow Preventer

Backflow/Pressure Reducer/Air Gap

Watts Series 009 Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies are designed to protect potable water supplies in accordance with national plumbing codes and local water authority requirements. This series features two in-line, independent check valves, captured springs and replaceable check seats with an intermediate relief valve. Its compact modular design facilitates easy maintenance and assembly access.

Backflow Preventer Kit
  • 1/2" Watts backflow preventer
  • 909 Airgap
  • 1/2" brass nipple
  • 1/2" Pressure Reducing Valve (required by code for most hydronic appliances)

    1/2" 009-QT Watts backflow preventer
    Watts_009 Specs.pdf

    Part No: 0062094

    $561.69 each

    909 AGA Air Gap

    Part No: 0881399

    $99.70 each

    T1156F 1/2" High Capacity Feed Water Pressure Regulator Discontinued, Only 3 Left

    Part No: 0386500

    $129.38 each

    1/2" Brass Nipple

    Part No: 1/2 Brass Nipple

    $6.42 each


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