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Field Controls Healthy Home Trio

Clean and purify the air in your home or office to reduce the spread of virus

The Healthy Home Trio is a 3-in-1 package that keeps the air in your home fresh, clean, and pure.
As air enters the Trio, it is filtered with a MERV 13 filtration media. This pleated 4 inch filter traps particles as small as .3 micron including mold, bacteria, dust, dander, and pollen. After the filter, the air must pass through an ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal treatment zone guarded by two powerful 24-inch UVC germicidal lamps. These lamps neutralize and destroy airborne microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.

The final phase uses patented PRO-Cell™ Technology, our exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process. When the patented aluminum honeycomb cells are exposed to the UVC germicidal light, the PRO-Cell’s extensive surface area transforms the odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The PRO-Cell core is maintenance-free and never needs replacing. The Healthy Home Trio can be installed by your HVAC contractor over the AC-coil, in the return, or in the supply duct of your HVAC system.


  • 3 stage design with exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process
  • Easy to install 3-in-1 system
  • Permanent maintenance-free catalyst
  • Permanent maintenance-free catalyst
  • 2 year lamp life efficiency

Three Stage Filtration Process:
  • Step 1: MERV 13 High Efficiency Filtration traps mold, bacteria, dust, dander, and pollen.
  • Step 2: UVC Germicidal Purification neutralizes bacteria, mold, and viruses.
  • Step 3: Patented PRO-Cell™ Technology eliminates odors and VOCs.

Trio 1200 & 2000 Documents:
Field Controls Trio Brochure.pdf | Field Controls Trio Installation Manual.pdf

Trio 1000 Documents:
Field Controls Trio 1000 Brochure.pdf | Field Controls Trio 1000 Operation Manual.pdf

Electronic parts are not returnable. Please check to make sure you have chosen the correct part.

Filter (single) for MERV13. Formerly component of 1RK015

Part No: 602614300

$92.32 each
$175.41 (2 x $87.70)
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↓   Portable Trio 1000   ↓

Field Controls Trio 1000P Portable UV Air Filter
Estimated 6-8 week lead time due to high demand during the COVID pandemic

Part No: 46650000

$634.21 each
↓   SP-200GS Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

1 Filter & 2 UV Lamps for new SP200GS

Part No: 1RK018

$262.07 each

Replacement Lamps for SP200GS, SP150GS & ESP- Set of 2 (46636400)

Part No: 1RK019

$164.56 each

Replacement Filter (for SP-200GS and SP-200C) - Duct

Part No: 1RK016-MERV11

$176.68 (2 x $88.34)
↓   SP-200C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

Replacement Lamps for older SP-200C - Set of 2

Part No: 1RK017

$115.57 each
↓   SP-20 or SP20C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

Replacement Filter Set for Trio1000P

Part No: 1RK001

$124.50 each

1RK003 bulb only for SP 20 or SP20C Also known as part 46649700

Part No: 1RK003

$127.92 (3 x $42.64)

Stage 1 Pre-Filter for Trio-1000P

Part No: 1RK004

$42.31 each

Replacement filters and lamp for SP20 or SP20C (46650100)

Part No: 1RK005

$127.18 each

Stage 2 HEPA Filter for Trio-1000P

Part No: 1RK008

$103.08 each

Replacement Triple Filter Cartridge & UV Lamp

Part No: 1RK011

$212.26 each
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20x25x4 MERV13 Replacement Media for Trio2000 (1/Mctn)

Part No: 1RK025

$255.12 (2 x $127.56)
↓   Accessories ↓

Electronic Ballast (fits model SP200C & SP200GS)

Part No: 46636900

$188.86 each

Repl Filter Set- 1 Pre-filter and Post-filter

Part No: 1RFS

$102.38 each

Transformer (SP200GS)

Part No: 46683200

$149.72 (4 x $37.43)

MERV13 16x25x4 (3.75) nano-carbon replacement filter, formerly 1RK023 (box of 6)

Part No: 731011625

$595.32 (6 x $99.22)

Replacement filter set with UV Housing - Pre filter 1 post filter

Part No: 1RFS-H

$166.86 each


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