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Field Controls Healthy Home Trio

The Healthy Home Trio is a 3-in-1 package that keeps the air in your home fresh, clean, and pure. As air enters the Trio, it is filtered with a MERV 13 filtration media. This pleated 4 inch filter traps particles as small as .3 micron including mold, bacteria, dust, dander, and pollen. After the filter, the air must pass through an ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal treatment zone guarded by two powerful 24-inch UVC germicidal lamps. These lamps neutralize and destroy airborne microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.

The final phase uses patented PRO-Cell™ Technology, our exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process. When the patented aluminum honeycomb cells are exposed to the UVC germicidal light, the PRO-Cell’s extensive surface area transforms the odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The PRO-Cell core is maintenance-free and never needs replacing. The Healthy Home Trio can be installed by your HVAC contractor over the AC-coil, in the return, or in the supply duct of your HVAC system.


  • 3 stage design with exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process
  • Easy to install 3-in-1 system
  • Permanent maintenance-free catalyst
  • Permanent maintenance-free catalyst
  • 2 year lamp life efficiency

Three Stage Filtration Process:
  • Step 1: MERV 13 High Efficiency Filtration traps mold, bacteria, dust, dander, and pollen.
  • Step 2: UVC Germicidal Purification neutralizes bacteria, mold, and viruses.
  • Step 3: Patented PRO-Cell™ Technology eliminates odors and VOCs.

PDF Documents:
Field Controls Trio Brochure.pdf | Field Controls Trio Installation Manual.pdf

Electronic parts are not returnable. Please check to make sure you have chosen the correct part.

↓   Trio Air Purifier   ↓

Field Controls-Trio-2000 - Whole house, in-duct hepa unit w/MERV 13 Electrostatic Filter (2000 CFM, 120V)

Part No: TRIO-2000

$833.79 each

Field Controls-Trio-1200 - Whole house, in-duct hepa unit w/MERV 13 Electrostatic Filter (1200CFM)

Part No: TRIO-1200

$792.04 each
↓   SP-200GS Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

1 Filter & 2 UV Lamps for new SP200GS

Part No: 1RK018

$138.24 each

Replacement Lamps for SP200GS, SP150GS & ESP- Set of 2 (46636400)

Part No: 1RK019

$139.67 each

Replacement Filter (for SP-200GS and SP-200C) - Duct

Part No: 1RK016-MERV11

$77.92 each
↓   SP-200C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

1 MERV11 Filter & 2 UV Lamps for older SP200C

Part No: 1RK015

$147.21 each

Replacement Lamps for older SP-200C - Set of 2

Part No: 1RK017

$105.57 each
↓   SP-20 or SP20C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓

Replacement filters and lamp for SP20 or SP20C (46650100)

Part No: 1RK005

$113.62 each

1RK003 bulb only for SP 20 or SP20C Also known as part 46649700

Part No: 1RK003

$34.21 each
↓   Energy savings product Filters   ↓

1 Merv 13 for SP150GS Filter size 16x25x4

Part No: 1RK023

$67.83 each

1 Merv 13 and 2 lamps for SP150GS Filter size 16x25x4

Part No: 1RK022

$141.65 each
↓   Accessories ↓

Electronic Ballast (fits model SP200C & SP200GS)

Part No: 46683600

$98.75 each

EL033 Bulb starter for SP200 & SP200C

Part No: EL033

$7.20 each

Transformer (SP200GS)

Part No: 46683200

$28.38 each

Fuse (SP200GS)

Part No: EL001

$1.75 each
$16.97 (10 x $1.70)


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