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Axiom Condensate Neutralizers & System Fill Units

Axiom Condensate Neutralizers & System Fill Units Why Neutralize Condensate? Condensate is acidic and has the potential to harm the environment and the sewer system. The NeutraPal, NeutraPro, or NeutraPump will raise the pH of the condensate to a more neutral level before it is discharged to drain, reducing the potential for corrosion. . System Fill Features & Benefits: They eliminate the connection, and the required backflow prevention, to the potable water supply. There will never be a cross-connection. System pressure is maintained automatically with a compatible fluid. No more callbacks to ‘top off’ system pressure. Monitoring the fluid level... Read more

Miljoco Gauges

Miljoco Gauges Temperature and Pressure Gauges Miljoco Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes cost-effective temperature and pressure instruments of superb quality to a diverse marketplace. Miljoco serves its customers by maintaining appropriate growth and profitability while operating in a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible manner. This philosophy, along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, has placed Miljoco thermometers and gauges in restaurants, manufacturing plants, supermarkets and high rises across the United States and around the world.... Read more


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