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Articles: Owner Installation Photos

Installations in concrete prior to pour

A nice installation using RHT Under Slab Insulation Panels

A large pole barn using Creatherm Insulation Panels

A shop install with PEX stapled down to foam using the RHT PEX Foam Stapler

The RHT Floor Panel System

Laying out an RHT Floor Panel System

Prior to fastening the RHT Heat Transfer Plates

An expert furfriend radiant heating installer

After fastening heat transfer plates

A very clean installation of the RHT SS-HF Manifold in a wall cavity behind an access panel

Staple Up Between Joists

Staple up using RHT Maxima 6" Extruded Heat Transfer Plates

RHT Prefabricated Pump Distribution Panels

A very clean installation of an RHT Dominator Pump Panel and SS-HF Manifold sub-zoned with actuators using Tekmar controllers

An RHT Dominator Pump Panel with Laars Mascot FT Boiler

An RHT Column Pump Panel mounted in alternate orientation to the side of the Mascot FT boiler

A very impressive install of an RHT Pump Panel with Thermolec Electric Boiler with all pump wiring concealed behind the panel

Another Electric Boiler Pump Panel over concrete slab

A large Electric Boiler installed to run prior to pouring concrete


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