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RHT Floor Panel System

The Intelligently Designed Floor Panel System

The RHT floor panel system provides an easy, fast, and effective way to attach, guide, and install your PEX tubing effectively and cleanly. This system is designed to be used with ½" RHT PEX tubing. It features specially machined 180° turns, making installation a breeze. The RHT Floor Panel System also comes with custom heat transfer plates, which help secure the PEX tubing while allowing for a more efficient energy transfer, ensuring a more efficient and cost effective heating experience.


  • Uses RHT 1/2" PEX tubing
  • Includes ¾" specialized plywood
  • Specially machined 180° turns
  • Customizable panels can be cut to provide multiple angles
  • Used in combination with RHT Heat Transfer Plates

Technical Information: RHTFloorPanelSystem.pdf


Step 1: Lay out RHT Floor Panel System and plywood rips.

The first step in installing your RHT Floor Panel System is to lay out the floor panels and ¾" plywood rips. These will hold the PEX tubing in place, so it is important that you take the necessary time to measure your room and figure out the angles carefully so that your RHT Floor Panel System works efficiently. You need to ensure that the layout allows for adequate coverage of the floor. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your RHT Floor Panel System and your plywood rips are lined up properly to accommodate the PEX tubing. Once you've laid out every piece and are satisfied that the whole area to be heated is covered, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Complete the lay out by adding the RHT Heat Transfer Plates.

Now that your RHT Floor Panels and plywood rips are in place, you need to complete your RHT Floor Panel System foundation by installing the RHT Heat Transfer Plates. This should be fairly simple, as long as your RHT Floor Panels and plywood are lined up properly. All you need to do to complete this step is to fit the RHT Heat Tranfer Plates in between each plywood strip, cutting them to size as necessary and leaving a ½" gap from one plate to the next. Once you've laid out all heat transfer plates and are satisfied that the whole area to be heated is covered, simply nail the plates in place and you are ready for the final step.

Step 3: Snap your RHT PEX tubing into the prepared Floor Panel System.

All you need to do now to complete the installation of your RHT Floor Panel System is to install the PEX tubing. This step is very simple: all you need to do is snap the PEX tubing in the grooves and your installation is complete.

NOTE:We recommend a HardieBacker ¼" Cement Board over the Floor Panel System when installing tile flooring. For sheet goods such as vinyl, linoleum, and carpet, a ¼" Masonite is recommended. Floating and engineered flooring can typically be installed directly on top of the Floor Panel System. Nail down wood flooring can also be applied directly if the flooring direction is taken into account when designing the layout for the Floor Panel System.

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