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RHT Prefabricated Heat-Pump Distribution Panels

Simple installation, trouble-free design

RHT prefab panels are professionally manufactured and pre-assembled. RHT prefab panels are an excellent value & time-saver, simplifying your heating system installation.


  • Energy-efficient Grundfos Alpha Pumps
  • Taco switching relay and mixing valve
  • Professionally plumbed and pressure tested
  • Mounted to an aluminum panel with unistrut and cushion clamps.

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   Heating and Cooling Pump Panels   ↓
Poseidon-2 2-Pump Heat Panel $4533.58
Poseidon-3 3-Pump Heat Panel $4951.83
Poseidon-4 4-Pump Heat Panel $5330.81
Poseidon-5 5-Pump Heat Panel $5933.43
Poseidon-6 6-Pump Heat Panel $6314.17
Poseidon-7 7-Pump Heat Panel $6782.72
Poseidon-8 8-Pump Heat Panel $7302.61
↓   Heating Pump Panels   ↓
Protege-1 1 Pump Heat Panel
Protege-2 2 Pump Heat Panel
Protege-3 3 Pump Heat Panel
Protege-4 4 Pump Heat Panel

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