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Laars Combi Heat Water Heater

Combination Water Heaters with Heating Coil

Get the Laars® Combi Heat™ water heaters for combined space and water heating. These models heat the potable water in the tank. Heat from the hot water is efficiently transferred through the heat exchanger to the fluid within the coil for use in radiant heating or other heating applications. Laars combination water heaters provide space heating and plenty of potable hot water. These energy efficient water heaters save both money and valuable interior space.

Due to oversize shipping and fuel surcharges, our shipping calculations may need to be adjusted after you order.

Call 866-361-4782 if you require a more accurate shipping quote.

Depending upon stock, these water heaters may take up to 12 weeks to ship.

Documentation: Laars_Combi Heat.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   Standard Gas   ↓
LCH-504T 10FBN 45 gallon; 65,000 BTU; Natural (Standard Gas) $2066.22
LCH-504T 10FSX 45 gallon; 65,000 BTU; Propane (Standard Gas) $2066.22
LCH-75T 10BN 72 gallon; 76,000 BTU; Natural (Standard Gas) $2575.76
LCH-75T 10SX 72 gallon; 76,000 BTU; Propane (Standard Gas) $2575.76
↓   Side Wall Vent   ↓
LCH-TW50T 10FBN 45 Gallon; 65,000 BTU Natural Gas Side Wall Vent $2510.25
LCH-TW50T 10FSX 45 Gallon; 65,000 BTU Propane Side Wall Vent $2510.25
LCH-TW75T 10BN 72 Gallon; 76,000 BTU Natural Gas Side Wall Vent $2754.77
LCH-TW75T 10SX 72 Gallon; 76,000 BTU Propane Side Wall Vent $2754.77

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