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B&G Hydrotrol Flow Control Valves

Prevent overheating due to gravity flow

The Hydrotrol (HT) flow control valve is used to prevent overheating of zones due to gravity flow in hydronic heating systems and will permit summer/winter operation of indirect water heater. The HT valve allows fluid to pass when the system or zone pumps start. When the system or zone pumps are not operating, the HT valve remains closed, preventing gravity circulation. The HT valves are designed with a 1/2 turn knob that can be manually opened when draining the system or for bypass purposes. The HT valve can be installed in either the horizontal or vertical orientation.

Documentation: B_G Hydrotrol.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
107035 HT-3/4 (3/4" NPTF) $41.58
107037 HT-1 (1" NPTF) $44.22
107038 HT-1 1/4 (1 1/4" NPTF) $57.42

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