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B&G EASB-Jr Enhanced Air Separator

Automatically removes entrained air bubbles in hydronic systems

Bell & Gossett's Model EASB-Jr Enhanced Air Separator automatically removes entrained air bubbles in hydronic systems. As fluid enters the EASB-Jr, the velocity is decreased creating a low pressure area. The small bubbles are released from fluid and then collected on the coalescing medium. As the bubbles coalesce, they rise to the top of the air separator where they are released to atmosphere through the built-in automatic air vent. The air separator has a bottom 1/2"NPT connection to accommodate a B&G diaphragm expansion tank. The compact design and brass body construction make the EASB-Jr ideal for residential and commercial hydronic heating systems.

Documentation: B_G EASB Jr.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
112111 B&G EASB-3/4 JR (3/4" NPT) $105.60
112114 B&G EASB-3/4S JR (3/4" Sweat) $105.60
112112 B&G EASB-1 JR (1" NPT) $118.80
112115 B&G EASB-1S JR (1" Sweat) $118.80
112113 B&G EASB-11/4 JR (1 1/4" NPT) $174.90
112116 B&G EASB-11/4S JR (1 1/4" Sweat) $174.90
112117 B&G EASB-11/2 JR (1 1/2" NPT) $198.00
112464 B&G EASB-2 JR (2" NPT) $221.10

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