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PEX Tubing | RHT Radiant Heat Whole House Packages

RHT Whole House Packages Buy a Package & Save Money! New construction? Remodeling? Do-It-Yourself? Radiant heating is the most energy efficient way to heat your home, and RHT Whole House Packages have everything you need to get started. Each package includes: RHT ½" PEX-B with O2 Barrier RHT manifold & adapters 90 degree polymer bends* PEX cutter Pressure test kit Click here for tips on determining tube size and spacing. 5% Discount built into price plus FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48.... Read more

RHT Floor Panel System For Radiant Heat Systems

RHT Floor Panel System Keeps Sandwich Style Radiant Floor Installations On Track The RHT floor panel system provides an easy, fast, and effective way to attach, guide, and install your PEX tubing effectively and cleanly. This system is designed to be used with ½" RHT PEX tubing. It features specially machined 180° turns, making installation a breeze. The RHT Floor Panel System also comes with custom heat transfer plates, which help secure the PEX tubing in their omega shaped (Ω) channels while allowing for a more efficient energy transfer, ensuring a more efficient and cost effective heating experience. Features: ¾"... Read more

RHT Manifold Accessories

RHT Manifold Accessories Everything you need to get your manifold up and running. RHT 4-wire Thermostatic Circuit Actuators RHT Manifold PEX adapters for all sizes of PEX tubing Optional Flow Gauge adds on to RHT SS-HF Manifold Reducer bushings Ball Valves in straight (180°) or right angle (90°) Sub-Zoning with RHT Actuators and Tekmar Controls: RHT-Tekmar-Sub-zoning.pdf Sub-Zoning with RHT Actuators and Taco Controls: RHT_SubZoning_Diagram.pdf... Read more

Pump & Valve Manifolds

Pump & Valve Manifolds Full-Flow Copper Manifolds Manifolds for use in the boiler room, with circulator pumps or zone valves. Can also be used with 3/4" PEX crimp fittings as a PEX manifold. Perfect for high-flow applications such as snow melt or commercial. All Copper Manifolds are made in the U.S.A. from 100% pure copper tube. These manifolds are sold individually, not in pairs. All manifolds are 1 1/4" male trunk with 3/4" male branches. Provides a clean professional workspace. Easily mount pumps or valves in boiler room. No more sweating together multiple T's. Save time and money installing your... Read more

RHT Prefabricated Matrix Electric Boiler Panel

RHT Prefabricated Matrix Thermolec Boiler Pump Panels Simplify Your Radiant Heating Project RHT Boiler Panels are professionally manufactured, pre-assembled hydronic heating systems. Prefabricated Boiler Panels are an excellent value & time-saver, simplifying your radiant heat installation. On-site work will consist of connecting your supply & return lines to the boiler, supply & return lines to manifolds, site wiring and providing make-up water supply. These systems feature a primary/secondary piping design, high efficiency air separator, ETX-30 expansion tank (larger tanks may be needed on bigger systems), zone pumps, a zone switching relay, service valves, boiler drain, and a tapping for optional... Read more

RHT Prefabricated 1-Zone X-Pump Block Panel

RHT Prefab 1-Zone X-Pump Block Panel A Simple & Versatile Solution for small Radiant Heating systems RHT Prefabricated 1-Zone X-Pump Block Panels are an excellent value & time-saver, simplifying your radiant heat installation with a clean custom solution. Minimal on-site work is required to get your system up and running. All prefabricated build-outs are professionally assembled, secured to an aluminum panel and packaged to arrive safely. Also available as a DIY kit. Both prefab and kit are shipped free to lower 48 states. Mounted on a 24"x24" aluminum panel. Prefabs come with a TACO X-Pump Block and air separator, Watts... Read more

RHT Manifold Pressure Test Kit

RHT Manifold Pressure Test Kit Test your Manifold and PEX with air pressure Our RHT manifold pressure test kits include the following: RHT pressure gauge ¾" x 3" iron nipple 1" x ¾" brass reducer bushing 1" iron plug. *RHT Manifolds should only be pressured to 50 psi. If you are required to test tubing to 100 psi, that should be done with our tubing pressure test kits.... Read more

RHT Prefabricated Trident Boiler Panel

RHT Prefab Trident Boiler Panels Best in class of prefabricated boiler systems. Clean efficient fast. Professionally manufactured, pre-assembled, hydronic heating systems. RHT Boiler Panels are an excellent value & time-saver, simplifying your radiant heat installation with a clean custom solution. On-site work will be minimized to connecting supply/return lines to boiler & supply/return lines to manifolds, electrical wiring, connecting to make-up water supply.Trident Boiler Panel Features: Primary & Secondary loop pump system Designed & fabricated with one, two, three, or four Grundfoss Alpha 1 zone pumps Tekmar switching relay Watts ETX-30 expansion tank Optional domestic hot water pump for side... Read more

RHT Prefabricated Water Heater Pump Panel

RHT Water Heater Pump Panels Compact design is simple to install and operate An excellent value & time-saver, RHT water heater pump panels are compatible with any brand or model of water heater. Perfect for installing radiant heat in a shop, garage or other one zone application.Features: Closed loop systems as standard Optional Stainless Steel pump upgrade for use in an open loop potable water system Energy-efficient Grundfos Alpha Pump Taco switching relay Sharkbite connections to supply & return Available professionally manufactured with press fittings and pressure tested or as a DIY kit with sweat fittings Companion pipe and manifold... Read more

RHT Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps & Tool

RHT Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps & Tool Secure pex tubing to crimp fittings in tight spaces For connecting pex to crimp-type barb fittings Perfect for hard-to-reach spaces Visually-verified watertight seal Clamps can be used with most brands of crimp fittings and pex tubing Ratchet tool fits all sizes of cinch clamps Clamps must be installed using proper ratchet tool... Read more

RHT PEX Pipe Holders

RHT PEX Pipe Holders The easy way to attach PEX tubing to many surfaces Complete range of sizes from 1/2" to 1" Single Pipe Holders Double Pipe Holders Full Capture Pipe Holders All measurements are nominal PEX tubing size.... Read more

RHT Solar Water Storage Tanks

RHT Solar Water Storage Tanks Single or Dual Coil Stainless Steel Tanks Indirect Water Heaters for use in a solar system or for domestic water. Features: 304 Stainless Steel Inner Tank 304 Stainless Steel Outer Cover 2" Polyurethane Insulation 1" primary connections 3/4" coil connections 1/2" temperature sensor wells Built in magnesium rod PDF Documents:RHT Single Coil Indirect Water Heater.pdf | RHT Dual Coil Indirect Water Heater.pdf Due to oversize shipping and fuel surcharges, our shipping calculations may need to be adjusted after you order. Call 866-361-4782 if you require a more accurate shipping quote.... Read more

RHT Spray on Foam | Trench Foam Products

RHT Spray Foam Spray on Foam - Trench Foam Products BENEFITS OF SPRAY FOAM INSULATION: (CFC FREE ) Saves energy cost - up to 40% energy savings. Stops air and moisture infiltration Adds strength to building structure. Keeps dust and pollen out. Foam not only seals, but insulates the sealed area. Has 'R' value of 7 per inch. The 95% closed cell foam absorbs building movement. VERSI-FOAM has a service operation range of -50 to 212 degrees F. VERSI-FOAM dries to the touch in 60 seconds or less, cures in 5 minutes. Cured foam is easily trimmed, sanded and finished... Read more

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