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Watts DETA Expansion Tanks for Potable Water

DETA Series ASME Potable Water Expansion Tanks are used in commercial and industrial potable hot water applications to absorb the increased volume of water created by thermal expansion. They also maintain balanced pressure throughout the potable water supply system by keeping system pressure below the T&P relief valve setting. The field-adjustable carbon steel tank (prime painted exterior) has an FDA-approved and fixed, butyl rubber bladder, stainless steel NPT male inlet connection, and a .301 to 32 in. (7.6 to 813mm) charging valve connection (standard tire valve) for on-site charging of the tank. It is pre-pressurized and pre-charged to 40psi (275.8 kPa). ASME, Section VIII approved. Maximum Design Pressure: 150psi (10 bar).

Documentation: Watts_DETA specs.pdf

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DET-A-12, ASME expansion tank

Part No: 0212027

$1708.29 each

DET-A-30, 15 gallon ASME expansion tank for potable hot water

Part No: 0212029

$2141.64 each

DET-A-60, ASME expansion tank

Part No:

$2536.14 each

DET-A-160, 70 gallon ASME expansion tank for potable hot water

Part No: 0212035

$4141.61 each


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