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B&G Ecocirc Domestic Water Ciruclators

Lead Free Circulators


  • Highly efficient ECM technology
  • Long lasting, silent operation
  • Saves thousands of gallons of water
  • Resistant to scale build up
  • No shaft, no seal
  • Maintenance free without blockage
  • Single bearing design

ecocirc e3
  • Easy installation
  • Programmable timer and built-in thermostat available to further reduce energy consumption.
  • Available with integrated check and ball valves for quick isolation during service.
  • Instant availability of hot water, even at the tap farthest from the hot water heater.
  • Conserves natural resources - reduced power consumption, CO2 emissions and wasted water.

autocirc® series | ecocirc® e3 series

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   ecocirc e3 Multi-Speed with Plug   ↓
LHB08100101 Multi-speed with plug, 4 GPM, sweat connection. Model e3-4V/BSPYZ $214.50
LHB08100109 Multi-speed with plug, 6 GPM, sweat connection. Model e3-6V/BSPYZ $267.30
LHB08100110 Multi-speed with plug, 6 GPM, NPT connection. Model e3-6V/BTPYZ $267.30
↓   ecocirc e3 Adjustable Thermostat with Plug   ↓
LHB08100106 Adjustable Thermostat with plug, 4 GPM, NPT connection. Model e3-4_/BTPRZ $240.90
6050B5003 Adjustable Thermostat with plug, 4 GPM, Union connection with ball & check valve. Model e3-4_/BUPRZ $290.40
6050B5004 1/2" Union with Plug, Model e3-6V/BUPRZ $320.10
↓   autocirc   ↓
LHB08100098 Lead Free Brass 4 GPM Autocirc 1/2" Fixed Thermostat with Timer. Model e3-4_/BDPQC $372.90
LHB08100099 Lead Free Brass 4 GPM Autocirc 1/2" Adjustable "ON" Thermostat with Timer. Model e3-4_/BDPRC $409.20
6050B7016 Lead-free Undersink Pump. No return line required, silent operation, built in timer & temperature control. Model: Ecocirc B 23-5 ACT
B_G Ecocirc B 23-5 ACT.pdf
↓   Accessories   ↓
LHB08260002 Timer for Ecocirc Circulators $69.30

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