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Taco Variable Speed Setpoint Control Circulators

Maximize the efficiency of your heating system

The versatile Setpoint version of the Variable Speed “00” can be set up to deliver a fixed temperature, maintain a specific temperature drop between sensor locations (DT), used as a bypass/shunt pump, or integrated into a fan coil package to vary the speed of the pump based on supply air temperature.
The 00-VS can be either direct-acting (speed increases on a temperature decrease) or reverse-acting (speed increases on a temperature increase). A typical direct-acting (limiting setpoint) application would be for boiler protection, where the 00-VS is installed on a bypass loop. If the return temperature starts to drop below the set temperature (75°- 165°F), then the speed of the pump will be increased, bypassing hot water to protect the boiler. The 00-VS can be used in radiant injection mixing systems where you want to set a fixed supply-water temperature. Through the use of the setpoint dial on the PC board, you can select any temperature from 30°-210°F. If desired, a boiler protection sensor can be installed to protect the boiler from flue gas condensation. In the DT mode, the pump speed is varied to maintain a set temperature drop (5°-50°F) across a boiler or heat exchanger, ideal for snowmelt applications.

  • Adjustable Setpoint (30° - 210°F)
  • Adjustable Temperature Difference (DT) (5° - 50°F)
  • Boiler Protection (135°F)
  • Boiler Protection as a Limit Control (75° - 165°F)
  • LED Status Panel
  • Direct or Reverse Acting
  • Selectable Output Response Speed
  • Linear or Logarithmic Output
  • Pump Exercise (10 Seconds After 3 Days of No Operation)

Flanges and half unions sold separately.

For flanged pumps use: Taco Shut Off Freedom Flanges

For union pumps use: Taco Bronze Shut Off Unions

Documentation: Taco_Setpoint.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   Iron Pumps  ↓
006-VSF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 006-VSF4 (IFC included in box) $522.52
007-VSF5 Flanged Iron Pump: 007-VSF5 (IFC included in box) $557.17
008-VSF6 Flanged Iron Pump: 008-VSF6 (NO IFC) $564.10
009-VSF5 Flanged Iron Pump: 009-VSF5 (IFC included in box) $659.87
0010-VSF3 Flanged Iron Pump: 0010-VSF3 (IFC included in box) $670.12
0011-VSF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 0011-VSF4 (IFC included in box) $687.88
0012-VSF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 0012-VSF4. Includes 1-1/2" flanges (194-1542F) (IFC included in box) $814.94
0012-VSF4-1 Flanged Iron Pump: 0012-VSF4-1. Includes 2" flanges (194-2124F) (IFC included in box) $844.31
0013-VSF3 Flanged Iron Pump: 0013-VSF3 (IFC included in box) $735.02
0014-VSF1 Flanged Iron Pump: 0014-VSF1 (IFC included in box) $714.52
↓   Bronze Pumps  ↓
006-VSB4 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 006-VSB4 $631.18
006-VSBC7-IFC 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 006-VSBC7-IFC with Integral Flow Check $670.80
008-VSBC6 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 008-VSBC6 $769.17
008-VSBC6-IFC 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 008-VSBC6-IFC with Integral Flow Check $797.18
↓   Stainless Steel Pumps  ↓
006-VSST4 3/4" NPT Stainless Steel Pump: 006-VSST4 (IFC included in box) $643.48
007-VSSF5 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 007-VSSF5 (IFC included in box) $745.95
008-VSSF6 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 008-VSSF6 (IFC included in box) $769.17
0010-VSSF3 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0010-VSSF3 (IFC included in box) $871.64
0011-VSSF4 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0011-VSSF4 (IFC included in box) $890.76
0012-VSSF4 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0012-VSSF4. Includes 1-1/2" flanges (194-1542SF) (IFC included in box) $1028.44
0013-VSSF3 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0013-VSSF3 (IFC included in box) $945.41
0014-VSSF1 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0014-VSSF1 (IFC included in box) $917.40
↓   Shut-off Swivel Flanges   ↓
SF-100S 1" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $47.20
SF-125S 1 1/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $56.59
SF-150S 1-1/2" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $79.67
SFL-075S 3/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $41.95
SFL-075T 3/4" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $40.80
SFL-100S 1" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $45.79
SFL-100T 1" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $48.98
SFL-125S 1-1/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $59.85
SFL-125T 1-1/4" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $59.85
SFL-150S 1-1/2" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $84.56
SFL-150T 1-1/2" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $84.56
↓   0012 Flanges (for use with 0012-F4, 0012-SF4, 2400-30 & 2400-40 Circulators)   ↓
SFL-125S-0012 1-1/4" NPT 0012 shut-off Swivel-Flange, Low-Lead set. $97.21
SF-150S-0012 1-1/2" Sweat 0012 shut-off Swivel-Flange set $100.13

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