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Taco Variable Speed Outdoor Reset Control Circulators

Maximize the efficiency of your heating system

The Outdoor Reset Circulator controls the hot water supply temperature, so that the heat supplied to the building equals the heat loss of the building. The 00-VR modulates the circulator to inject hot water from the boiler loop into the radiant or reduced temperature loop while providing Outdoor Reset to a heating system. Available in any style 003 - 0014, the 00-VR also comes with a boiler sensor to protect against low return temperatures. The 00-VR is the ultimate for protection, control, ease of installation, and trouble-free operation.


  • Adjustable Heating Curve (0.2 to 2.2)
  • Selectable Maximum Supply Temperature (110°F, 130°F, 150°F, or Off)
  • Selectable Minimum Boiler Return Temperature (120°F, 135°F or Off)
  • Minimum Supply Temperature (85°F or Off - Default to Heating Curve)
  • System and/or Boiler Pump Contact (Line Voltage, 5 amp max.)
  • LED Status Panel
  • Pump Exercise (10 Seconds After 3 Days of No Operation)
  • Post Purge (20 Seconds)
  • Fail Safe Mode (Assumes Outdoor Temp of 32°F)
  • 2-Second Start Delay Prevents Short Cycling

Flanges and half unions sold separately.

For flanged pumps use: Taco Shut Off Freedom Flanges

For union pumps use: Taco Bronze Shut Off Unions

Documentation: Taco_Outdoor Reset.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   Iron Pumps  ↓
005-VRF2 Flanged Iron Pump: 005-VRF2 (IFC included in box) $583.51
006-VRF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 006-VRF4 (IFC included in box) $575.88
007-VRF5 Flanged Iron Pump: 007-VRF5 (IFC included in box) $600.44
008-VRF6-2 Flanged Iron Pump: 008-VRF6 (NO IFC) $608.64
009-VRF5 Flanged Iron Pump: 009-VRF5 (IFC included in box) $714.52
0010-VRF3 Flanged Iron Pump: 0010-VRF3 (IFC included in box) $722.04
0011-VRF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 0011-VRF4 (IFC included in box) $739.80
0012-VRF4 Flanged Iron Pump: 0012-VRF4. Includes 1-1/2" flanges (194-1542F) (IFC included in box) $868.90
0012-VRF4-1 Flanged Iron Pump: 0012-VRF4-1. Includes 2" flanges (194-2124F) (IFC included in box) $897.59
0013-VRF3 Flanged Iron Pump: 0013-VRF3 (IFC included in box) $786.25
0014-VRF1 Flanged Iron Pump: 0014-VRF1 (IFC included in box) $765.07
↓   Bronze Pumps  ↓
006-VRB4 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 006-VRB4 $700.18
006-VRBC7-IFC 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 006-VRBC7-IFC with Integral Flow Check $724.77
008-VRBC6 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 008-VRBC6 $825.18
008-VRBC6-IFC 3/4" Sweat Bronze Pump: 008-VRBC6-IFC with Integral Flow Check $851.14
↓   Stainless Steel Pumps  ↓
006-VRST4 3/4" NPT Stainless Steel Pump: 006-VRST4 (IFC included in box) $700.18
007-VRSF5 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 007-VRSF5 (IFC included in box) $802.64
008-VRSF6-2 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 008-VRSF6 (IFC included in box) $825.18
0010-VRSF3 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0010-VRSF3 (IFC included in box) $927.65
0011-VRSF4 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0011-VRSF4 (IFC included in box) $779.42
0012-VRSF4 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0012-VRSF4. Includes 1-1/2" flanges (194-1542SF) (IFC included in box) $1083.90
0013-VRSF3 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0013-VRSF3 (IFC included in box) $1000.74
0014-VRSF1 Flanged Stainless Steel Pump: 0014-VRSF1 (IFC included in box) $974.10
↓   Shut-off Swivel Flanges   ↓
SF-100S 1" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $47.20
SF-125S 1 1/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $56.59
SF-150S 1-1/2" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange set $79.67
SFL-075S 3/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $41.95
SFL-075T 3/4" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $40.80
SFL-100S 1" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $45.79
SFL-100T 1" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $48.98
SFL-125S 1-1/4" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $59.85
SFL-125T 1-1/4" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $59.85
SFL-150S 1-1/2" Sweat shut-off Swivel-Flange,Low-Lead set $84.56
SFL-150T 1-1/2" NPT shut-off Swivel-Flange Low-Lead set. $84.56
↓   0012 Flanges (for use with 0012-F4, 0012-SF4, 2400-30 & 2400-40 Circulators)   ↓
SFL-125S-0012 1-1/4" NPT 0012 shut-off Swivel-Flange, Low-Lead set. $97.21
SF-150S-0012 1-1/2" Sweat 0012 shut-off Swivel-Flange set $100.13

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