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Laars Stor SS Water Heaters

Energy Saver Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater

Laars Stor Series Indirect Water Heaters are dependable and durable water heaters that supply an unprecedented volume of hot water due to a super-efficient heat exchanger. These water heaters are problem-free, efficient and built to last.

  • CFC-free polystyrene insulation form fitted and molded. This system contributes to greater heat retention, improved overall efficiency and reduced standby heat loss.
  • Aquastat − factory installed.
  • Stainless steel tank and heat exchanger made from chromium molybdenum−titanium ferritic 444 stainless steel alloy.
  • Supply and Return Connections − the ¾" NPT female connections are located on the front for both the boiler supply and boiler return. (1 ¼" NPT on LS-RTV-119)
  • Jacket has a corrosion and dent resistant plastic casing.
  • Standby heat loss is less than 1½°F per hour.
  • Brass Drain/Return Valve
  • T&P relief valve opening − all models have special tapping on top of tank.
  • Warranty − Residential models have a limited lifetime warranty on the tank and heat exchanger. The LS-RTV-119 is a commercial model and is furnished with a 5 year warranty on the tank and heat exchanger. For more details please refer to the complete copy of the warranty included with the heater.
  • Six year limited warranty on parts.

Due to oversize shipping and fuel surcharges, our shipping calculations may need to be adjusted after you order.

Call 866-361-4782 if you require a more accurate shipping quote.

2 week lead time on all Laars water tank orders.

Unit Purchase Bulk Purchase
Part No. Qty Unit Price Qty Bulk Price
↓   Laars Stor SS Indirect Water Heaters   ↓
LS-RTV-40-L 40 gal tank $1161.25
LS-RTV-52-L 52 gal tank
LS-RTV-75-L 74.5 gal tank $1688.25
LS-RTV-119-L 119 gal tank
↓   Parts   ↓
233-43315-00 Aquastat Well for LS-RTV tanks $20.26
224-47782-08 Magnesium Anode Rod SOLD 3 AT A TIME ONLY(price is for 3 anodes) $73.55
(3 x $24.52)
↓   Heat Transfer Paste   ↓
HTPaste Heat Transfer Paste, 1 oz., Temp range -65°F to 400°F, Flashpoint 500°F, Dropping point, 500°F, Specific gravity 2.35 $6.71 $31.48
(5 x $6.30)

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