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B&G Monoflo Fittings

A single pipe serves as both supply and return.

  • Connect risers to the main, assuring proper diversion of water to each heating unit regardless of type and its position in the system.
  • Recommended for most installations including cast iron non-ferrous baseboards, free-standing radiation or convectors.
  • Only one fitting is needed for most installations for adequate diversion for upfeed radiation. For most applications, a second fitting can be used if higher resistance is required.

Documentation: B_G Red Ring Monoflo.pdf

Unit Purchase Bulk Purchase
Part No. Qty Unit Price Qty Bulk Price
108119 3/4" x 1/2" monoflo (return only) $41.58
(2 x $20.79)
108120 1" x 1/2" monoflo $41.58
(2 x $20.79)
108121 1" x 3/4" monoflo $41.58
(2 x $20.79)

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