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B&G Pressure Reducing Valves
Fill the system to a preset pressure for optimum performance.

  • Fast fill feature reduces start-up time and labor.
  • Low inlet pressure check valve helps prevent loss of system pressure if the supply water drops below system pressure.
  • Convenient cleanable strainer is designed to prevent dirt and sediment from entering the system.
  • Union connection available with 1/2″ male NPT thread and 1/2″ female sweat tail-piece for fast, flexible system connection.
  • Brass body construction is highly resistant to corrosion -- ideal for water systems.

Documentation: BG_Relief & Reducing Valves.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
110190LF B-38 12 PSIG Reducing valve (1/2")(Lead-Free) $45.54

110196LF B7-12 12 PSIG Reducing valve (3/4")(Lead-Free) $68.64

110191LF B-38TU 12 PSIG Reducing valve (1/2")(Lead-Free) $56.10

110192LF FB-38 12 PSIG Reducing valve (fast-fill, 1/2")(Lead-Free) $48.84

110193LF FB-38TU 12 PSIG Reducing valve (fast-fill, 1/2")(Lead-Free) $58.08

110194LF 6 45 PSIG Reducing valve (1/2")(Lead-Free) $53.46

110195LF 7 45 PSIG Reducing valve (3/4")(Lead-Free) $75.24

110197LF F-3 12 PSIG & relief valve (30 PSIG, 1/2")(Lead-Free) $105.60

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