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B&G Isolation Flanges

Isolation ball valve combined with a companion flange

The isolation flange is a combination of an isolation ball valve and a companion flange for circulators. The isolation flange allows easy service or replacement of the circulator without the need to drain the system. The isolation flange fits the Bell & Gossett NRF/NBF/SSF wet rotors, Series PL, Series 100, HV, PR and LR circulators.

Documentation: B_G Isolation Flange.pdf

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B&G Isolation Flanges

Can be used with most circulators, including NRF/NBF/SSF wet rotors (except NRF-45, NBF-45),

Series PL’s, Series 100, HV, PR, LR, Ecocirc and other manufacturers’ pumps.

101221LF 3/4" NPT x Flange (set of 2) $47.52
101222LF 1" NPT x Flange (set of 2) $56.76
101223LF 1-1/4" NPT x Flange (set of 2) $79.20
101241LF 1-1/2" NPT x Flange (set of 2) $95.04
101226LF 3/4" SWT x Flange (set of 2) $47.52
101227LF 1" SWT x Flange (set of 2) $56.76
101228LF 1-1/4" SWT x Flange (set of 2) $79.20
101243LF 1-1/2" SWT x Flange (set of 2) $95.04

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