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Taco X-Pump Block
Taco Pumps 

X-Pump Block XPB-1

Open system vs. closed? Barrier vs non-barrier tubing? Boiler vs. water heater?
The debate ends here. The Taco X-Pump Block™ (XPB) delivers unmatched flexibility in a single unit. It is equally effective when used with open or closed systems, barrier or non-barrier tubing and where the system heat source is a boiler or water heater. The Taco X-Pump Block™ combines a variable speed mixing control, a heat source circulator, system circulator and heat exchanger in a single unit. This combination delivers complete system isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side. Just four pipe connections and your installation is complete.

  • All-in-one heat exchanger, dual-sided circulators and mixing control package
  • The brazed plate heat exchanger provides complete isolation, made of stainless steel, it's easily removable, w/double wall optional
  • Plug-in low voltage connections
  • Solid state microprocessor design
  • Greatly decreases installation time
  • Substantial space savings
  • Line cord included, hard wired option
  • Bronze casing for open or closed systems
  • Replaceable cartridge design
  • 2 Operation modes: Outdoor Reset and Setpoint with or without Delta T Limiting
  • Main system pump contact
  • 100% pump operation / control override switch
  • Automatic pump exercise
  • Adjustable reset ratio
  • Warm weather shutdown
  • Outdoor and 2 strap-on sensors included

Documentation: X-Pump-Block.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
XPB-1 XPB-1 Taco X-Pump Block

193-022RP Replacement LCD circuit board for XPB-1
FREE SHIPPING (*Continental US)

↓ One Zone Buildouts Featuring X-Pump Block ↓
1ZwXPB 1ZwXPB RHT Prefabricated 1-zone X-Pump Block Panel
Comes with a TACO X-Pump Block and air separator, Watts backflow preventer, pressure relief valve and expansion tank, Miljoco triadicator, and all fittings & ball valves, securely mounted on an aluminum panel with strut and cushion clamps.
FREE SHIPPING (*Continental US)

1ZwXPB-Kit Parts only kit for RHT 1-Zone X-Pump Block DIY Build-out
Comes with a TACO X-Pump Block and air separator, Watts backflow preventer, pressure relief valve and expansion tank, Miljoco triadicator, and all fittings, ball valves, strut and cushion clamps needed to assemble it yourself. Aluminum panel, copper pipe & pex tubing not included.
FREE SHIPPING (*Continental US)

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