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Sun-Pure Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Photo-Catalytic Air Purifiers.

Three Powerful Technologies in One Air Purification System

Brilliant Engineering ----- Easy Self-Service
Finally, an air purifier so well designed that you can replace the ultraviolet lamp (once every year) and the filter (once every two years) in less than five minutes, without the need for tools. Built in electronic service lights tell you when to change filters and UV lamp 30 days in advance so you always know your air purifier is operating at peak performance.

Electronic parts are not returnable. Please check to make sure you have chosen the correct part.

Part No. Qty Unit Price
↓   SP-200GS Air Purifier   ↓
TRIO-2000 Field Controls-Trio-2000 - Whole house, in-duct hepa unit w/MERV 13 Electrostatic Filter (2000 CFM, 120V) $745.75
↓   SP-200GS Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓
1RK018 1 Filter & 2 UV Lamps for new SP200GS $126.91
1RK019 Replacement Lamps for SP200GS, SP150GS & ESP- Set of 2 (46636400) $95.85
1RK016-MERV11 Replacement Filter (for SP-200GS and SP-200C) - Duct $73.46
↓   SP-200C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓
1RK015 1 MERV11 Filter & 2 UV Lamps for older SP200C $134.82
1RK017 Replacement Lamps for older SP-200C - Set of 2 $94.86
↓   SP-20 or SP20C Replacement Lamps & Filters   ↓
1RK005 Replacement filters and lamp for SP20 or SP20C (46650100) $104.05
↓   Energy savings product Filters   ↓
1RK023 1 Merv 13 for SP150GS Filter size 16x25x4 $67.83
1RK022 1 Merv 13 and 2 lamps for SP150GS Filter size 16x25x4 $137.72
↓   Accessories ↓
BL014 Sun-Pure Electronic Ballast $57.28
46683600 Electronic Ballast (fits model SP200C) $86.13

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